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 Pioneer DJ CDJ-500S

Submitted by Berbo  Flag on 08-03-2008 16:23
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Pioneer DJ CDJ-500S Player Tabletop


Pioneer DJ

Model : CDJ-500S

Brand : Pioneer DJ
Brand website :

Category : Player Tabletop

Availability :  1997 - 2005

This product has been discontinued

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 Pioneer DJ CDJ-500S

Product Information

The Pioneer CDJ-500s is the much smaller, more professional version of the Pioneer CDJ-500II. The CDJ-500s is the top model of the PRO series of products which was the top-end of the product line.

This model was available on the market in the USA as Pioneer CDJ-700s and had identical specifications..

Successor : Pioneer CDJ-1000

The functionals and changes when compared to the CDJ-500II are made bold in the Feature list :


DJ Compact Disc CD Player
Compact design, with is ½ of 19''
Oil demped suspension of Drive assy
Smooth Jog Dial running on steel bearings
Tempo Control, ±10% and ±16% pitch range
Jog Wheel used for frame-by-frame search en Cue Point selection
Flat-Top Design
Quick Start
Playing Address, a light bar provides a graphic indication of elapsed playing time
Master Tempo, locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes
Power and Eject button safety guards
Fader Start Play / Back Cue Play
Auto Cue, cues at the first detection of audio in the track
Loop In/Realtime Cue, Loop Out and Reloop/Exit (max 10 minutes)


Frequency Response : 4-20kHz
Distortion (TDH) : <0.004%
Signal to Noise Ratio : >106dB
Dynamic Range : >96dB
Channel Seperation: >98dB
Power : 220VAV @50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 21W
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 217 x 227 x 98 mm
Weight: 2.6 kg


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There are 5 Comments
  Flag czure on 09-08-2004 @ 13:11
The CDJ 500S is still by far the best CDJ so far. It takes a beating and still holds its owm. for an affordable 900.00-1200.00 it is well worth it! Dj Czure
  Flag bkdj on 14-08-2005 @ 21:29
Where does the disc go??
  Flag the-melody on 20-07-2006 @ 07:27
below the jog i think.
  Flag rbluerreload on 24-03-2009 @ 10:45
I love this cdj's they're very reliable and I love the size, I got two of them second hand some months ago and I'm very happy with them and the priced I payed
  Flag djspob on 07-09-2010 @ 23:16
ohh my first mix i did wose on the CDJ 500s & CDJ 500II \'Cool\'
small, cheap, tipical \'Cool\'
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