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 Pioneer DJ DJM-1000

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 08-03-2008 16:23 Images: Lead

Pioneer DJ DJM-1000 Mixer


Pioneer DJ

Model : DJM-1000

Brand : Pioneer DJ
Brand website :

Category : Mixer

Availability :  2005 - 2012

This product has been discontinued

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 Pioneer DJ DJM-1000

Product Information

The DJM-1000 was designed to be a rock solid no nonsense club beast. The sound quality was great as it was the first full digital processing mixer that had longer faders than the DJM-600.

It has some features as first in the line up that would be present in most more modern models like : 3 band total kill Isolators on the master, 2 band EQ on Booth Output, variable cross- and fader curve control.

But also it was Pioneer's first attempt to link all the gear in the booth with a link, but due to a lack of supporting equipment it didn't took off... but this was the foundation of the ProDJ Link that would be introduced with the CDJ-2000.

Optional available was a rotary kit (DJC-1000RV) that replaces the 6 channel faders with rotary faders.


6+1 Channel Mixer
3 Band Isolator (-∞/+6dB EQ)  on Master Channel
2 Stereo Send/Return assignable to each Channel, Crossfader, Mic or Master
Send/Return switchable: Pre, Post or Aux
2 Band EQ on Monitor Output
Per Channel : PFL Cue, 3 Band EQ, Trim, Faderstart
Microphone with Trim, talkover and 2 Band EQ
Microphone can be cut or added to the Booth by switch on the back
Crossfader, each channel assignable, can be disabled
Variable Cross Fader Curve adjust (17 steps)
Variable Channel Fader Curve adjust (17 steps)
Digital Inputs and Outputs
PFL Mono Split
PFL Mono/Stereo Switch
VU Meter with Peak Hold
Master Volume Fader
Master Balance control
Master Mono/Stereo Switch
Master Attenuator 4 steps : -12, -6, -3, 0dB
Booth Monitor Output
Record Output


Inputs : 6 Phono(RCA), 6 Line(RCA), 4 Line (Jack), 4 Digital(RCA), 1 Mic(XLR Jack Combo, Jack), 1 Mic(Jack)
Outputs : Master (XLR, RCA, Digital (RCA), Record(RCA), Booth(Jack), Headphones(Jack)
Connections : Send/Return(Jack), Faderstart(Mini Jack), MIDI(DIN)
EQ Low : -26/+6dB @70Hz
EQ Mid : -26/+6dB @ 1kHz
EQ High : -26/+6dB @13kHz
Mic EQ Low : -6/+6dB @ 100Hz
Mic EQ High : -6/+6dB @ 10kHz
Booth EQ Low : -6/+6dB @ 100Hz
Booth EQ High : -6/+6dB @ 10kHz

Processing : 96kHz
AD/DA Converters : 24bit
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz
Signal to Noise : 104dB
Distortion(THD) : 0.005%
Crosstalk : 88dB
Headroom 19dB
Power Supply : 220-240VAC @ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 63W
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 482 x 363(8HE) x 187mm
Weight : 12.1kg


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There are 13 Comments
  Flag Frantic on 23-01-2005 @ 21:31
Bit unlogic if you ask me.. They say it's  for build-in, but the power switch is on the back :S
  Flag Lead on 22-04-2005 @ 01:40
when installed a DJ Booth is generaly switched of by a main switch for the complete booth. The DJM switches on and off without a noticable sound change so don't worry... the DJM is capable to be handled like that :D
  Flag sebastiaan on 18-05-2005 @ 17:32
um ik heb liever een xone 92

  Flag the-melody on 19-01-2006 @ 18:57
 voorwat is die digital voor(weet wel dat je daar je cdj800/1000 moet op aansluiten maar wat heeft dat dan?)
  Flag remixer on 05-04-2006 @ 21:33
een veel betere geluidskwaliteit
  Flag Cyspoz on 23-04-2006 @ 22:14
Als ik het goed begrijp hebben ze dus nog geen CD-Spelers die de digital link optie benutten? Zelfs niet na de release van de CDJ1000 MKIII en de CDJ-800 MKII?
  Flag the-melody on 21-06-2006 @ 21:46
en waarvoor dient die Master ATT dan?
  Flag Nvie on 01-09-2007 @ 20:07
Master ATT is volgens mij een soort van limiter, je kunt het signaal met 3/6/12 dB terugsnoeien voor de output mocht het nodig zijn... Voor als je een DJ hebt die geen grenzen (wil) kennen.
  Flag DieudeDance on 18-12-2007 @ 14:59
@sebastiaan: de xone IS lekker, maar zijn knobs zijn ugly
  Flag mosthighsoundz on 22-08-2008 @ 22:51
it is never ugly it is a  thing of beauty
  Flag Bassiewazzy on 14-01-2011 @ 19:10
Just bought one few week ago when i heared the this model is end of life soon.
  Flag D-One on 13-01-2013 @ 12:48
lijkt op de DX1000 van Begringer
  Flag Estacy on 17-02-2013 @ 20:01
haha, maar die Behringer is een stuk ongeluk, dit is de beste mixer die Pioneer ooit gebouwd heeft.
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