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Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SQUID Instrument

Take control of your workflow and make new styles of music with the SQUID. Named for the blend of functionality and creative stimulation it offers, the SQUID (SeQUencer Inspirational Device) is a brand-new multitrack sequencer in our TORAIZ series of musical instruments and production gear. Connect all your instruments to use the SQUID as the heartbeat of your studio and live setup, and get hands-on with innovative features never seen before on this kind of equipment.

It’s easy to start making unique sequence patterns and phrases as soon as you hook the SQUID up to your instruments. The layout of the controls is optimized so you can effortlessly bring your ideas to life whenever inspiration strikes, and the workflow is perfect for on-the-fly music production. All this means you can spend less time looking at the unit’s display and more time creating music. 

With the first Groove Bend feature ever seen on a production tool,1 you can really feel the groove and generate original rhythms in real time by simply moving the spring-loaded slider to change the trigger timing. Use Running Direction to create different phrases by changing the playback direction of sequence patterns you’ve programmed on the 16 pads and fluctuate the playback speed of sequences whenever you want using Speed Modulation. All of these features contribute to a fresh, nonlinear way of making music that breeds creativity and helps you stumble across things that sound great.

When you’ve created a phrase you love, you can use the SQUID Manager to back it up, along with all your projects. SQUID Manager is a free dedicated application that enables you to quickly import/export sequence patterns between the SQUID and a PC/Mac.


Step Edit section for intuitively creating sequence patterns
Create phrases by tapping the 16 multicolored LED rubber pads. Set step parameters and play in real time as if the pads were keys on a keyboard, combining various sequence functions such as Interpolation and Harmonizer to help build your sounds.

16 multicolored LED pads for enabling various features
Use Trigger mode to step-record sequence patterns, and transpose your patterns on the fly with Transpose mode.
Scale mode enables you to play scales with the 16 pads as if you were playing a keyboard and you can add nuanced expression to your performances.

Interpolation: instantly make a phrase
Set each parameter (Pitch, Gate, and Velocity) for the beginning, middle, and the end of the steps, and the SQUID automatically interpolates (supplements) parameters for the steps in between them.

Harmonizer: intuitively create evolving phrases
Harmonizer enables you to play them easily by hitting the Harmonizer buttons with the Pitch value set on each step parameter as the root note. Up to six chords can be assigned to the Harmonizer buttons.

Phrase arrangement section for rearranging sequence patterns in real time
Use Running Direction, Speed Modulation, and Groove Bend to further rearrange phrases you’vecreated in the Step Edit section.

Speed Modulation: create unique grooves by fluctuating playback speed of sequence patterns
Periodically increase and decrease the playback speed of a sequence to create unique grooves. You can switch between six waveform shapes, such as triangle and sawtooth, and adjust the rate and amount.

Running Direction: easily create new phrases
You can easily create multiple new phrases from one sequence pattern by changing its playback direction on the 16 pads, there are 48 different playback directions.

Groove Bend: change trigger timing in real time
In addition to Swing, which automatically delays trigger timing to create grooves, the SQUID features Groove Bend – the first-ever function on a sequencer to change trigger timing in real time via a slider.

Time Warp: save your “happy accidents”
Never lose the phrases you make incidentally when you’re trying things out. Use Time Warp to audition the previous phrase you created and save it as a new sequence pattern if you like it.

Multiple inputs/outputs: sync with various instruments
In addition to a USB B terminal and Midi terminals for your DAW and hardware synthesizers, you can sync and play with modular synthesizers using the two sets of CV/GATE outputs and CLOCK input/output terminals. DIN SYNC input/output terminals enable syncing with vintage synthesizers and drum machines.
Import/export sequence patterns via PC/Mac
Using the SQUID’s dedicated SQUID Manager, you can quickly import and export sequence patterns between the SQUID and your PC/Mac. Easily import a sequence pattern created on your DAW to the SQUID, intuitively arrange it using the sequencer’s features, and return it to your DAW.


Maximum number of tracks : 16
Maximum number of Patterns : 64 per tracks
Maximum number of steps : 64 steps
Step Resolution : 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/24 and 1/32 note
Polyphony per step : 8 notes
Maximun number of projects : 128
Different running directs : 48
Inputs : MIDI IN, USB(B), Clock, DIN SYNC
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 375 x 224 x 72 mm
Weight : 1.9 kg


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