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Pioneer DJ REKORDBOX Software


Pioneer DJ


Brand : Pioneer DJ
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Category : Software

Availability :  2009 - Today ?

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Product Information

Rekordbox is Pioneer DJs music management software aimed at DJs use Pioneer DJ equipment.

It has evolved a lot over time and a lot of features are added, here is a short version of the history of Pioneer DJ. See the DJ Article about Rekordbox for the full length version.

2009 Rekordbox

Released in August 2009, free download from 17 May 2010.

Pioneer introduced the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 in August 2009, Rekordbox is included on CD in the box with every sold unit and was made in cooperation with the french company Mixvibes. In the beginning Rekordbox was only available on CD Rom when you bought one of these CDJs. From may 2010 Pioneer DJ released Rekordbox as a free download to all DJs.

2012 Rekordbox 2.0

Released in August 2012.

New Features

feature Intelligent Playlists
feature Active Loop
feature MySettings
feature Enlarged Waveform for CDJ-2000nexus
feature Auto Load Hot Cue/Loops
feature Key detection during analysis
feature Track Propery editting
feature Auto First Beat marker
feature BPM range increased from 180 to 499, reachable by x2 button
feature KUVO support

Rekordbox version 2 was also made in cooperation with Mixvibes.

2014 Rekordbox 3.0

Released in July 2014.

New features

feature Playlist Pallete
feature Sync Manager
feature Related Track
feature MyTags
feature Memory Cue Point Colors
feature 2-Player View
feature Matching Tracks
feature Shortcut Panel
feature Colored Cue Points
feature Beat Jump
feature Cue Beat Countdown
feature BPM range during analysis increased to 499

Rekordbox version 3 and upwards are build in-house by Pioneer DJ and no longer with Mixvibes.

2015 Rekordbox 4.0

Released in October 2015.

New Features

feature Plus Pack system added to add functionality
feature Performance Mode Plus Pack for DJ performance
feature DVS Plus Pack to control the DJ Performance with timecode
feature Video Plus Pack to play with video files, outputing also the visuals
feature RMX Effects Plus Pack adds effects (Performance Mode)
feature Extended the lower limit for the BPM counter to 40
feature Colored Hot Cue markers
feature Track Played green titel indication
feature MIDI Learn (Performance Mode)
feature Export MyTag to devices
feature Recording for Export Mode and Performance Mode

2017 Rekordbox 5.0

Released in September 2017.

New Features

feature Import Playlist from device
feature Lyrics Plus Pack to show lyrics video if available
feature Track Suggestion Panel
feature New Koretech engine, improved performance overall
feature GUI Modernized
feature Improved Track Analysis
feature Play Exported Tracks from device
feature Lighting Mode (Performance Mode)
feature Harmonic Trafficlight system, green indication for track in-key
feature Alphanumeric Key notation
feature Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ support (Performance Mode)

2020 Rekordbox 6.0



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There are 28 Comments
  Flag tairip on 17-09-2009 @ 17:58
Same here.
Winston on 17-09-2009 @ 18:56
Will it be for sale or free apart from the CDJ-900 & CDJ-2000?
Would be nice for DJ that will play in clubs, but don't have one of those at home.

Can music files exported to usb device, still be played by other usb players then the CDJ-900 & CDJ-2000, for instance the CDJ-400?
Else you will need 2 usb devices with the same tracks for your music collection. Ofcourse I understand that cue point, wave data etc. willl not be available.
  Flag UTU on 17-09-2009 @ 20:51
A couple of questions have arisen, but I've yet to receive any sort of answer...

a) Is it possible to have a 'running tempo' on a song; ie. one that does not stay fixed?

For example, M's 'Razzia 2 (This club is closed forever)' has mostly a static tempo, but rises quite radically towards the end of the track. Is it possible to 'grid' this in a meaningful way?

Another example; there are songs that have been played 'alive' (in contrast to being produced by synthesizers and the like) where the tempo might be 'wobbly'. Can such tracks be 'gridded'?

b) Is it possible to use the software to write key-information with the tracks for harmonic mixing? If yes, is that data accessible on the player(s)?
  Flag TijnvS wrote on 28-11-2019 @ 10:36

I knew it is a long time ago, but now you can analyze 'dynamic' which means Rekordbox checks every second of the track if the tempo is changed, I hope this will help you Thumbs Up

  Flag Lead on 18-09-2009 @ 15:34
@ Winston : Yes you can connect multiple players to the chain so they share all inserted music (see also in the topics about the players)

@ UTU : Running tempo : I'll get back on that
Key information: YES, this can be written to an ID3 tag and so you can sort by it in Rekordbox and the players aswell.
1 member likes this  
  Flag mentheman88 on 19-09-2009 @ 18:03
Is it also possible to burn cd's with this software? (since it's the dj version of itunes Winking my eye )
1 member likes this  
  Flag TijnvS wrote on 28-11-2019 @ 10:41

No, that isn't a thing

1 member likes this  
  Flag GMC on 22-09-2009 @ 01:27
Rekordbox has been designed specially for Pioneer by Mixvibes on the Cross platform. See their press release.
Therefore I believe Rekordbox won't be sold separately but you can get Cross full version.
  Flag Lead on 28-09-2009 @ 21:36
Rekordbox is mainly the database of Cross with some special features that are only in rekordbox.
Cross is a DVS mix platform that uses the database. But as these database are interchangeable you could buy Cross to use the database only.

But as Rekordbox will work with all future products, everybody that buys a next generation deck will also have one (might even be multiple) version(s) of Rekordbox. When a friend buys 2 decks you might just get his versions 2nd version that he doesn't use Winking my eye
  Flag SnAcKBaRrY on 30-09-2009 @ 22:41
1e screen shot, Buzz Fuzz frequenciesHappy, laughing
1 member likes this  
  Flag Dolivieira on 04-10-2009 @ 09:49
Will the players support NTFS As well?
1 member likes this  
  Flag TijnvS wrote on 28-11-2019 @ 10:42

Yes, it will!

  Flag Lead on 05-10-2009 @ 09:15
No, NTFS is a fileformat that requires Windows in order to work... And that's not running on the CDJ's...
  Flag Dolivieira on 05-10-2009 @ 16:48
He Lead. One more question. How big HD the players support?
  Flag Lead on 06-10-2009 @ 12:17
I've tested with USB devices up to 8 GB, HDD's I've used we're 320GB and 500GB which worked without a problem.
  Flag Dolivieira on 06-10-2009 @ 23:30
Tankx Lead that is what I want to now. friday I bought a 500g HD.
  Flag johanz on 10-12-2009 @ 20:29
my 1 terra works fine too Thumbs Up
  Flag janek on 05-02-2010 @ 12:09
Will there be a update for the CDJ 400 ??

  Flag Rhinofart on 12-02-2010 @ 00:23
Hey guys. For your large hard drives connected to the CDJs, what file system do you have on them? And how do you format them these days? I see that they support HPFS and FAT32, but is it even possible to format a 320GB or even a 500GB FAT32 drive?
  Flag Dolivieira on 12-02-2010 @ 10:56
You need to search the Internet. Some HD manufacturers also deliver special software to format your disc in the right disc format.??

I am glad that the software is free avialablle for every one from 1 may 2010.
Winston on 21-03-2010 @ 17:57
And now there's an upgrade. see news
BennoRevelli on 03-08-2010 @ 21:22
Ben benieuwd naar de nieuwe rekordbox versie die komen gaat.. hopend op wat vette improvements/bugfixes
  Flag Pullstar on 26-09-2010 @ 23:53
Hey there! Is this topic still running? I've got a question...
My collection is on a USB HD. It's the same one I use on my gigs when I play CDJ 2000. (Before anyone starts screaming: I do have a backup Happy, laughing ) I've got my own in the studio but I can't figure out how to create the rekordbox files on my USB device (wich also holds the collection) so I get instant access to the wavefroms on my CDJ's. In essence I got my HD filled with maps as if my songs are on a CD and I really want to keep it that way. For example I have a folder Techno and it holds Groove 001, Groove 002, Minimal 001, Minimal 002 and so on. How do I get this to work?
  Flag Dav3 on 09-01-2011 @ 20:46
Handige video voor mensen die de 1000mk2/3 gewend zijn, waveforms op hun sd kaart hebben opgeslagen en ook met de nieuwe spelers direct wave's willen laden met cd's :

kopieer je data van naar Happy, laughing
  Flag dvdw on 06-07-2011 @ 17:39
Weet iemand of het mogelijk is om je DJ sets op te nemen via Rekordbox? Zo niet: is daar een andere optie voor? Ik werk overigens op Mac, dus ik kan mijn set niet aansluiten zoals sommige mensen dat doen die met PC werken.
  Flag buitenbadshit on 16-09-2012 @ 12:32
Hi guys,

Ik ben sinds kort begonnen met Rekordbox. Geinstalleerd op mn laptop, 2 usbtjes erin (FHappy, laughing en (GHappy, laughing, en als ik mn laptop opstart,
open Rekordbox, ga naar mn USBtjes (in Rekordbox), en als ik een playlist wil openen:

'DATABASEBESTAND, De database in dit apparaat, is met een oude versie van Rekordbox gemaakt, het is hierdoor mogelijk, dat bepaalde informatie niet zichtbaar is op de nieuwste CDJ's, wilt u updateinformatie?

Als ik op OKE klik, krijg dezelfde melding opnieuw, en als ik op ANNULEREN klik, ook opnieuw dezelfde melding.?Klik ik meerdere malen achter elkaar, zie ik op de achtergrond steeds een balkje dat hij aan het laden is (%). Maar dat zit geen structuur in, dus soms staat er 78% soms 43% soms 100%.

Is dit een herkenbaar probleem? Zijn er meerdere met dit probleem?

  Flag Josbar on 13-03-2013 @ 15:20
From where should I export my playlist from the bridge function from iTunes or should I make my playlist up in rekord box and export them from there. I've just recently started using 30gb USB 3.0 during gigs and Iexported my playlists from the iTunes part ?of rekord box on to my USB and then when I stuck my USB into cdj2000 it read the file and search a file buti couldn't choose it and an error message came up. only that I had my notebook with me I could transfer files on to a borrowed USB and use unanalysed mp3s. Any helpon this matter would be great
  Flag TijnvS wrote on 28-11-2019 @ 10:40

I knew it's a long time ago, but the best is exporting from your Rekordbox, through the playslist

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