Pioneer RMX-1000

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Model : RMX-1000

Brand : Pioneer
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Category : Effector

Available :  2012 - Today ?

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Pioneer RMX-1000 Effector

The Limited Platinum(M) was launched together with the limited CDJ-2000NXS's, it was originally released in Black and White(W). All color variations have identical specifications.

Predecessor : Pioneer EFX-1000
White : Pioneer RMX-1000-W
Limited Platinum : Pioneer RMX-1000-M LTD

The RMX1000 is an external effect unit that can best be connected to the Send/Return of a mixer. It can also be connected to Master output of the mixer, you then connect the output of the RMX to the amplifier, CHECK your levels constantly!

Just like the EFX-1000, the RMX-1000 has different sections to influence the source audio. With the included program Remixbox you can store your settings or sample on an SD card so everything can be loaded very fast.

The RMX-1000 has a fast build-in BPM counter with Nudge to sync the effects with the audio.

4 Isolator FX
The Isolator 3 band EQ can be used on it's own or in combination with : Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate/Drive.

X-Pad Roll and Sequencer
The X-pad can be used as Roll effect on the audio input, or can it be used to sequence the default instrumens : Kick, Snare, Clap and HiHat. Beats can be created and overdubt.

10 Scene FX
These are the manual filter effects to add energy to the drop or the break. Choose one of the effects and control level/depth with the central rotary, just below circle are the 2 control knobs for the Scene FX parameters of each FX.

3 Release FX
To make a creative end to the effect or your set you can use one of the Release FX.


DJ Effects Unit
SD Card storage for Effect parameters and 4x4 samples
3 Isolator FX : Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate Drive (use on audio or only on X-Pad)
X-Pad Roll
X-Pad Sample Sequencer with Pitch and Overdub
5 Build Up Scene FX : BandpassFilter Echo, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up and Reverb Up
5 Break Down Scene FX : HighpassFilter Echo, Lowpass Echo, Crush Echo, Spiral down and Reverb Down
3 Scene FX Parameter knobs
3 Release FX :  Vinyl Brake, Echo and Backspin.
3 steps Release FX lever


Inputs : Line(RCA, Jack)
Outputs : Line(RCA, Jack), Headphone(Jack)
USB-B Connection
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz
Sample Rate : 48kHz @ 24bit
DA/AD Converters : 24bit
Internal Soundcard : 48kHz @16bit
Signal to Noise : 96dB
Distortion(THD) : 0.006%
Headroom : 20dB
Power : 5V DC
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 334 x 157 x 57mm
Weight : 1.3 kg


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