Pioneer CDJ-900

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Model : CDJ-900

Brand : Pioneer
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Category : Player Tabletop

Available :  2009 - 2013

This product has been discontinued

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Pioneer CDJ-900 Player Tabletop
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 Pioneer CDJ-900

The Pioneer CDJ-900 is the next generation mid-range CD Player with high sound quality.

Predecessor : Pioneer CDJ-800MK2
Successor : Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

The CDJ900 is using a Wolfson WM8728DAC for audio conversion.

But the most noticable is the support the Rekordbox devices. You can now eport devices with Pioneer Rekordbox.

Are looking for the differences between Pioneer's CDJ series ??
Check out : CDJ Comparison DJ Topic.


DJ Compact Disc CD Player
MIDI and build in Sound Card
ProDJ Link
Rekordbox Support
Slip Mode Reverse
Slip Mode Scratch
Four auto loop divisions to 1/16th
Quantized Beat Loop
Waveform Display
Minimum step is now 0.5 frame (150 per second)
206mm Jog Dial for Pitch Bend,Track- and Frame Search, Scratching and Cue Point setting
Vinyl Mode : When Activated, the pressure sensitive top of the Jog Dial activates Scratch
Support for MP3 Playback
Auto Beat Loop
Reverse Play
Digital Output
Pitch Range : ±6, 10, 16, 100%
Pitch Accuracy : 6% scale 0.02%, 10 & 16% scale 0.05%, 100% scale 0.1%

Loop In/Realtime Cue, Loop Out, Loop Out Adjust and Reloop/Exit
Master Tempo, locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes
Auto Cue, cues at the first detection of audio in the track
Slot-in CD Loading
Oil-dampened floating CD Assy Suspension
Faderstart, Relay Play
100mm Pitch Fader
Fader Start, Relay Play
Playing Address, a light bar provides a graphic indication of elapsed playing time
Cue Point Sampler Playback


Disc Format : CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Output : Line(RCA), Digital(RCA)
Connections : USB-B, Ethernet ProDJ Link, Fader Start(mini-jack)
Frequency Response : 4Hz - 20kHz
Distortion (THD) : 0.003 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio : 115 dB
Power Supply : 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 26W
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 305 x 385 x 115.6mm
Weight : 3.9 kg


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There are 19 Comments
  Flag Estacy wrote on 17-09-2009 @ 17:57
Deze speler vindt ik een betere keus dan de 2000, ong. dezelfde prijs als de 1000mk3 maar met een bak meer functies! toch zou ik hem niet kopen puur en alleen omdat er zoiets als de Denon DN-S3700 bestaat
  Flag tairip wrote on 17-09-2009 @ 17:58
Also the same... Nice new gear
  Flag UTU wrote on 17-09-2009 @ 20:36
I've often wondered this thing about 'Legato Link Conversion'; where does it get the frequensies it is supposed to be playing? I know that it is basically possible to do a rather neat trick by combining low- and high-pass filters and transposing the resulting sound's frequency without altering it's tempo, which seemingly widens the frequency range (and with good luck might produce harmonious end results), but ... somehow this just sounds 'wrong'... If there is no data, how can it be determined what there 'should' be?
  Flag Lead wrote on 18-09-2009 @ 15:39
Legato Link is a technology developed by Pioneer and there is? no technical (unfortunalty) to give you more details about it.
But as harmonics are a fact (not fiction) these can be calculated when you have the audio if you got enough processing power. I to have some questions left about this technology but I haven't been abnle to find al missing details to write them out in a DJ Topic.
  Flag mentheman88 wrote on 19-09-2009 @ 17:58
Hmm ik had toch echt in het persbericht gelezen dat de CDJ-900 GEEN dvd ondersteuning had. Welk bericht moet ik nu geloven?
KingDing3ling wrote on 23-09-2009 @ 11:05
Het plaatje geeft ook alleen maar een CD aan. Dus ik denk zeker te weten alleen maar CD.
BTW op de Pioneer site staat ook duidelijk alleen maar CD.
  Flag ruben-b wrote on 08-10-2009 @ 00:02
quote estacy: de 900 is niet te vergelijken met de mk3?ook omdat de 900 net als de 800 geen wave form weergeeft evenals de id gegevens van de track.
het klopt dat de 900 geen dvd's pakt(de 2000 doet dat wel maar alleen mp3 en data dvd's)
verder wel fijn dingetje maar als ik?mag kiezen denk ik tocj?wel de 2kCool
  Flag Lead wrote on 03-02-2010 @ 23:52
De CDJ-900 DOES have Waveform Display, allthough it is a small one but you can easily identify breaks
De CDJ-900 does NOT read DVDs with MP3 files, it DOES read CDs with MP3 files
  Flag Mitchell2 wrote on 30-03-2010 @ 12:44
Dit vind ik nou een mooie speler. Vooral die loopfuncties zijn heerlijk :D
  Flag Phenix wrote on 12-04-2010 @ 20:37

Keyword String Search
One of the browse options is Search, select it with the Rotary. You can now perform a string search in your Library. You need to use the Needle Search strip to enter the string you are searching for.

And further....

This is from the cdj-2000 and not the cdj-900. On the cdj-900 you have to search with the rotary and not with the Needle Search strip.
Correct me if I'm wrong!
  Flag Lead wrote on 08-07-2010 @ 18:44
Oeps, sometime things happen in a hurry for release date... Now rewritten for the proper player Winking my eye
  Flag Roalin wrote on 10-07-2010 @ 17:32
What's the resolution of the waveform? The same as the MK3?
BennoRevelli wrote on 30-07-2010 @ 00:00
@ Roalin,

No it isn't the same as the MK3 , waveform is smaller on the cdj900 ( 90 x 24.7 mm ) But you can see the breakdowns and buildups quite good!
  Flag Graafmixx wrote on 31-07-2010 @ 15:07

DE cdj900 bevalt me goed,alleen vind ik em bij het inlezen van cd enorm traag.Met mp3's werkt ie t snelst.

  Flag Dav3 wrote on 03-08-2010 @ 08:38
Vind dit toch wel een erg leuke speler, die Quantize optie is toch echt een must imo Happy, laughing
BennoRevelli wrote on 03-08-2010 @ 21:16
Ik ben gek van mijn 900! (ook van mijn 2000) Nu alleen nog wat improvements zoals, snellere laadtijd, goede MIDI/HID ondersteuning en deze player is top!
  Flag Jizzy wrote on 21-12-2010 @ 03:26
Vaak is het zo als een product enige tijd op de markt is dat de prijs naar beneden gaat. Is dit bij Pioneer ook zo? Zo ja, hoeveel tijd na de release gebeurd dit ongeveer?
  Flag Tekhead wrote on 01-01-2011 @ 13:01
Pioneer zakken in prijs ? raar of zelden jizzy
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