Vestax PMC-580PRO

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Model : PMC-580PRO

Brand : Vestax
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Category : Mixer

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Vestax PMC-580PRO Mixer

A multi effecter and LOOP control individually equipped on each program channel along with an effect unit for the MASTER and MIC channel section. The significant layout of the buttons and knobs of the PMC-580Pro enable DJs to control 6 different effects and different parameters all at once. The PMC-580Pro also comes with USB connection, SPDIF digital IO, a new AD/DA analog circuit and 2 band EQ for monitor/booth output as an answer to the demands of NEXT STYLE DJs in the scene.

6 program multi effecters

Each program channel has a 6 effect multi effecter with simple controllability, in addition to effects equipped in the MIC and MASTER section. A maximum of 6 different effects can be applied to the sound at the same time, powered by 5 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and 3 CPU, the core parts which make such features possible to be performed.

feature Pitch Shift
feature Distortion
feature MIC Echo
feature AUTO LPF (Low Pass Filter)
feature AUTO BPF (Band Pass Filter)
feature AUTO HPF (High Pass Filter)
feature PHASER
feature DELAY
feature REVERB
feature AUTO PAN
feature TREMOLO
feature LOOP
feature DELAY
feature REVERB
feature FLANGER


Intuitive effect operation

The PMC-580Pro's effects can be operated with 2 different effect switch modes. Useful for when you want instant effects on short phrases. The effect will be applied to the sound only while the effect button is pushed.

Useful for when you want to apply effects in to a long mix. The effect will be applied to the sound once the effect button is pushed, and will continue to be until the effect button is pushed again. Some effects apply to the sound differently regarding the selected effect switch mode

High quality design for supreme CLUB sound
The PMC-580Pro is loaded with 5 high spec DSP chips. 3 to process effects and 2 for mixing sound signals.

The Enhanced Dual Bit method, a high performance chip technology of ASAHIKASE is applied to the AD/DA section of the PMC-580Pro, where sound signals are converted between digital and analog (48 kHz/ 24bit). The PMC-580Pro is generated by a high capacity institutional power adaptor, which gains the heavy low groove required for supreme CLUB sound. The internal power supply which produces the sound signal circuit runs on +/-18V. With the two combined, +/-24dB of headroom is produced (analog output), creating dynamic sound.

HI GAIN TRIM control circuit is a new feature designed to bridge the gap between digital media, MP3s and CD source sound levels. EQ / ISOLATOR select switch and an EQ/ISOLATOR select switch that is located on each program channel to enable DJs to select their preference sound adjustment method in regards of the music they play.


BEAT KEY is a feature which operates simultaneously with the auto BOOM counter and TAP BPM counter. BEAT KEY will control the effects BPM along with the detected BPM of the playing track, selected from: 8, 4, 2, 1, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8.

BPM controllable effects

The two 44.1k, 48kHz sampling rate digital inputs enable digital connection and provide a sound system with no sound deterioration. Digital music files can be played from computers and tracks can be recorded to computers via USB input/output, a standard feature for digital mixers. (The USB circuitry of the PMC-580Pro utilizes the driver device within the operating system of the computer and does not require any specific driver to be installed)

Smooth 60mm input faders for high precision mixing. The reliable Vestax CF-PCV is applied as the cross fader together with fader curve control, suitable for mixing and scratching. The top panel layout is designed considering the DJ to play intuitively without mixing up the effect section and sound control section during club performance.
Large effect knobs for dynamic effect control. Input faders and the cross fader can be easily replaced by detaching the section top panel.

The DX panel, an option item to increase inputs and outputs can be installed to the front panel for DJs who to wish to use DJ software with the PMC-580Pro.


2 Band EQ, STEREO / MONO select switch and CUE / MASTER select on BOOTH OUT and headphones to support the DJ when they're in the mix. The MIC section comes with a 2 Band EQ and TALKOVER switch for advanced mic performance. Club standard XLR connection applied to MASTER // BOOTH OUT.

feature PITCH SHIFT, Modulates the mic sound within +/-1 octave and changes the voice to a high/low pitch.
feature DISTORTION, Deteriorates the mic sound and creates a distortion effect.
feature MIC ECHO, Applies an echo effect to the mic sound.

- Hi 10kHz ±12dB
- MID 100 - 10kHz ±12dB
- LOW 100Hz±12dB

Input / Output
feature PHONO input : RCA PIN JACK
feature LINE/CD input : RCA PIN JACK
feature MIC input : COMBO JACK (XLR/PHONE)
feature DIGITAL input : RCA PIN JACK
feature RETURN input : RCA PIN JACK
feature MASTER output: PHONE JACK and XLR JACK (bal.)
feature BOOTH output (PHONE JACK and XLR JACK (bal.)
feature REC1/2(SEND) output : RCA PIN JACK
feature DIGITAL output : RCA PIN JACK
feature PHONES output : PHONE JACK
feature USB input/output : B-type USB JACK


feature Mixer part full digital, 32 bit DSP
feature Effect part full digital, 24 bit DSP
feature Sampling Rate 48kHz
feature CPU 32 bit * 2, 16 bit * 3
feature Signal to Noise ADC 24 bit E-Dual bit (DELTA-SIGMA) : 106dB
feature Signal to Noise DAC 24 bit A-Multi bit (DELTA-SIGMA) : 100dB
feature S/N Ratio : over 75 dBv (JIS-A)
feature Distortion less than 0.05%
feature Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB

feature Power Consumption- 40 W
feature Weight 8.5 kg
feature Demension 326 (W)x406 (D) x100 (H)


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