Denon DP-DJ150

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Model : DP-DJ150

Brand : Denon
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Category : Turntable

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Denon DP-DJ150 Turntable

The Denon DP-DJ150 offers several groundbreaking features not found on other turntables on the market and is a more advantage turntable than it's little brother the Denon DP-DJ100. The DJ-DP150 is equipped with a SPDIF coaxial digital output, which enables direct recording to a digital storage medium (MD, CD-R, DAT, hard disk, etc.) while preserving the highest sound quality. The digital signal is output at a constant 16 bits at 44.1 kHz regardless of rotation speed.

Another 'world's first' feature on the DP-DJ150 is Denon's unique 'Key Adjust', also found on the company's DN-2600F dual CD player. This is the first time that a digital effect has ever been integrated into a turntable. When Line Out is selected, the turntable incorporates a built-in DSP to maintain a constant key even when rotation speed is altered. Furthermore, the DJ-DP150 also sports a built-in phono equalizer that permits it to be connected directly to an amplifier, sampler, MD recorder or other device that does not have a Phono Input jack.

The DP-DJ150 utilize a bi-directional servo control direct drive motor with single-body construction to deliver an impressive start-up torque of 12.25 pounds per inch (2.2 kg/cm). This level of torque enables the turntable to quickly reach stable speed and allow 'scratching'.

DJs may choose from three available RPM speeds-33-1/3, 45 and 78. Pitch can be continuously altered in a range of ±12% while maintaining a highly accurate rotation. A long stroke slide lever provides sufficient throw to make even the finest pitch adjustments.

The DP-DJ150 feature a built-in electronic 'brake' mechanism. A one-touch operation immediately activates the brake, which is automatically released when the turntable comes to a stop. Time required to stop the turntable on the DP-DJ150 can be selected from one of three options (Normal/Medium/Slowest).


feature Pitch Range : ±12%
feature Master Tempo
feature VTA adjustment range of 6mm on the S-shaped static balance tone arm
feature Pop-up target light to illuminate the stylus when cueing
feature Back-lit buttons on remote controller for easy operation in the dark
 - (Pitch On/Off, 33/45 RPM, Brake On/Off and Key Adjust On/Off)
feature Soft disc slip sheet that will not damage the vinyl's flipside when 'scratching'
feature Detachable AC power cord and RCA cables for easy maintenance
feature Head shell to protect the cartridge


feature Direct Drive Turntable
feature Start-up torque of 12.25 pounds per inch (2.2 kg/cm)
feature Power Consumption : 15W
feature Dimensions : (WxHxD) 453 x 62 x 360mm
feature Weight : 11.8kg

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