Pioneer DJ SE-M10R

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Pioneer DJ

Model : SE-M10R

Brand : Pioneer DJ
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Category : Headphones

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Pioneer DJ SE-M10R Headphones
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 Pioneer DJ SE-M10R DownloadsWhen looking at the picture above you might sense some recognition to a model from a few years ago Pioneer SE-450. Although the SEM10R is a complete different model with a greatly improved sound, I bet some hearts pouched a few times extra.

The SE-M10R is best compared to the Pioneer HDJ-1000. The SEM10R is not even designed by the ProDJ department of Pioneer. The engineers from the Home Audio department get all the credits.

Pioneer SE-M10R Product Image ?

Product Type
50 mm Tightly closed dynamic headphones
Frequency Range
5 ~ 28.000 Hz
35 Ohm
Maximum Input
3.000 mW
106 dB/mW
Connection Cord
2.5m long single coiled cable (7m straight)
275 g (excluding cord)
3.5 mm 3P plug (gold-plated), 6.3 adapter

Here is a comparison chart from the differences between the HDJ-1000 and the SEM-10R

Type :
SE-M10R HDJ-1000 SE-DJ5000
cushion falls over your ears on your ears on your ears
Frequency Range 5 ~ 28.000 Hz 5 ~ 30.000 Hz 5 ~ 28.000 Hz
Impedance 35 Ohm 40 Ohm 55 Ohm
Maximum Input 3.000 mW 3.500 mW 3.000 mW
Output Sound Level 106 dB/mW 107 dB/mW 105 dB/mW
Weight 275g (excl. cord) 270g (excl. cord) 270g (incl cord)
Connection Cord 2.5m (7m straight) 1.2m (3m straight) ?
Usage Studio / prelistening DJ / Performance DJ / Performance

The differences
If you compare both headphones you notice that there are only slight differences. The SE-M10R has a lower power, but the lower impedance compensates well enough for a high output level (106 dB). Sound is a difference but it's not the only one.

The biggest difference between both headphones is that the Speaker Units from the HDJ are put on your ears. While the Speaker Units of the SEM10R are so large that you put them over your ears. Especially when you have to use the headphones for a very long time you definitely notice the difference.

A headphone on your ears give a certain pressure that might annoy you when you have to play a long set. This is more a personal choice than that you can say that one type of model is better than the other.

SE-M10R: Large Diameter Speaker Unit
The biggest difference with the HDJ-1000 is the Pioneer SE-M10R has much larger Speaker Units. These are about the same size as the legendary SE-450. The sound is much different though. The SE-M10R sound warm and has a very accurate mid. Sound is always hard to describe, listening to it for real is the only way to find out of this is what you like.

Pioneer SE-M10R Drawing of foldingFolding the right way
The Pioneer SM-M10R was designed with the same type of joints as you might be used to when you know the SE-DJ5000 and/or the HDJ-1000.

You first press the cushion to each other, than press them in and then inwards... click !

Adapter from 3.5 to 6.2mm included, it's screwed to it's place

Pioneer SE-M10R connect the cordLong Cable
When stretched out all the way the cable has a length of about 7 meters, normally the length is about 2.5 meters. This is extremely useful when your cd/record case cannot be placed near the mixer. ?

Easy to Replace
When there might be something wrong with the cable you can simply buy a new one and replace it yourself. It's as easy as turning the plug in the Speaker Unit and watch carefully to the markers.

Pioneer SE-M10R adjust the height with a screw Adjusting the height
It's best to have both Speaker Unit at the same height, you can simply count to dots to set the height on both sides the same.

The mechanism is locked with a metal screw to make sure that the height will never change unless you want it.

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There are 15 Comments
  Flag Nvie wrote on 25-04-2005 @ 16:57
Ik vind hem er niet zo heel erg vriendelijk uit zien met die draadjes van de hoofdband naar de oorschelpen...
  Flag strezz wrote on 22-05-2005 @ 21:58
deze gaat korter mee dan het orgineel. dat is zeker.
  Flag Rhandor wrote on 26-05-2005 @ 15:47
Ik heb vanmiddag bij Heuff in Maarsbergen de eerste gekocht  
Sinds mijn SE-450 de eerste goeie Pioneer koptelefoon.
  Flag tairip wrote on 30-05-2005 @ 20:44
de eerste had ik al :P

haha heb m al weer paar weekjes :D

nou (1,5 denk ik)
  Flag Laidback wrote on 01-06-2005 @ 23:06
Ik heb em ook besteld,  Volgens mij word het weer een Topper Winking my eye
  Flag djmamo wrote on 29-06-2005 @ 00:47
heb hem getest, vond hem niet fijn zitten en het geluid ging vele malen minder hard dan de sony mdr v700 die bijna even duur is.

als ik ergens draai moet ik wel wat kunnen horen.
  Flag Laidback wrote on 12-09-2005 @ 11:32
ff je oortjes uit laten spuiten maybe??,  voor mij gaat ie hard genoeg !! :P
  Flag Basrose wrote on 31-12-2005 @ 15:47
nog meer ervaringen?
  Flag the-melody wrote on 11-02-2006 @ 16:42

de hdj1000 gaat harder:p
  Flag Camino wrote on 20-02-2006 @ 12:09
Who was this headphone designed for actually? for the HIFI market? also - how well does it block out external sound?
  Flag dion wrote on 25-02-2006 @ 20:02
het is wel een ruig en lomp ding hoor
  Flag Spacy wrote on 05-09-2006 @ 21:10
Dit ding is toch niet gemaakt om mee te DJ'en !
Waarom heb je als dj een frequentie bereik tot 28 Khz nodig als je oren amper tot 22Khz kunnen.

Het is toch eerder bedoeld om hem als monitor te gebruiken tijdens het producen bijvoorbeeld.
Of zit ik er nu helemaal naast :x
  Flag Rubenn wrote on 08-11-2006 @ 22:23
voor degenen waarvan de oren nog goed zijn en oordoppe gebruike?:D
  Flag Frankkkk wrote on 11-07-2007 @ 15:57
Ik heb al een tijdje de SE-M10R en hij bevalt me heel goed. Hij is zeker wel geschikt voor het dj'en, maar inderdaad ook wel voor producen. De kwaliteit van het geluid is heel erg goed. Ik heb hem op m'n Dateq mixer hangen en hij doet het geweldig!
  Flag OrsonWelsh wrote on 11-04-2008 @ 08:57
Waar is deze verkrijgbaar?
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