Numark PRO TT-2

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Model : PRO TT-2

Brand : Numark
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Category : Turntable

Available :  1999 - 2005

This product has been discontinued

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Numark PRO TT-2 Turntable

The follow up model of the Numark Pro-TT1.


feature ± 20% pitch adjustment
feature Start/Stop Button
feature 33/45/78 RPM speeds
feature Forward and Reverse Platter Direction
feature Unique Top Plate LCD Display
feature Pitch Change Percentage
feature Platter Speed
feature Quartz Lock Mode
feature Rotating 12 segment circular display indicating the spinning actions of the platter at all times
feature Pop-up Stylus Target Light
feature Quartz Lock of 0% speed position
feature 45RPM adapter and holder
feature S-Shaped Tone arm assembly with:
feature Counterweight
feature Height Adjustment
feature Skating Adjustment
feature Height Lock
feature Lever lift with height adjustment
feature Tone arm holder with locking mechanism
feature Output for:
feature External START/STOP control
feature Easily removable smoked plastic lid
feature Extra Stylus Holder


feature Type 3-speed, full manual
feature Driving method Direct drive
feature Motor 12 Pole, 3 Phase, Brushless DC Motor
feature Turntable platter Aluminum diecast 330mm dia.
feature Starting Torque more than
feature Braking Electronic
feature Wow and flutter 0.13%
feature Signl to Noise ratio : 50dB
feature Output Difference 2.3dB
feature Channel Separation 16dB
feature Power consumption 15 Watts
feature Dimension (WxDxH) 450 x 352 x 148.5 mm
feature Weight 10.8kg


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