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 Pioneer DJ CDJ-1000MK2

Submitted by Laidback  Flag on 08-03-2008 16:21
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Pioneer DJ CDJ-1000MK2 Player Tabletop


Pioneer DJ

Model : CDJ-1000MK2

Brand : Pioneer DJ
Brand website :

Category : Player Tabletop

Availability :  2003 - 2006

This product has been discontinued

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 Pioneer DJ CDJ-1000MK2

Product Information

The Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 is a modernized version of the CDJ-1000 with a bunch of upgrades. The CDJ1000MK2 is recognizable on the silver ring around the Jog Wheel and comes with a 16MB SD card for Cue/Memory Point storage also the Jog Dial is redesigned for smoother and more accurate control.

Predecessor : Pioneer CDJ-1000
Successor : Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3

Are looking for the differences between Pioneer's CDJ series ??
Check out : CDJ Comparisson DJ Topic.


DJ Compact Disc CD Player
3 Hot Cue/Loops
Waveform Display
MMC Card Cue/Loop Memory for up to 5000 CDs(16mb) or 10.000 CDs(>16mb) (100 Cue and Loop Points each)
Digital Output works also on DJ features
206mm Jog Dial for Pitch Bend,Track- and Frame Search, Scratching and Cue Point setting
Vinyl Mode : When Activated, the pressure sensitive top of the Jog Dial activates Scratch
On Jog Display
Reverse Play lever control
Pitch Range : ±6, 10, 16, 100%
Pitch Accuracy : 6% scale 0.02%, 10, 16% scale 0.05%, 100% scale 0.5%
Tempo Reset button

Loop In/Realtime Cue, Loop Out, Loop Out Adjust and Reloop/Exit
Master Tempo, locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes
Auto Cue, cues at the first detection of audio in the track
Slot-in CD Loading
Oil-dampened floating CD Assy Suspension
Faderstart, Relay Play
100mm Pitch Fader
Fader Start, Relay Play
Playing Address, a light bar provides a graphic indication of elapsed playing time
Cue Point Sampler Playback


Disc Format : CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Output : Line(RCA), Digital(RCA)
Connections : Fader Start(mini-jack)
Frequency Response : 4Hz - 20kHz
Distortion (THD) : 0.006 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio : 115 dB
Power Supply : 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 21W
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 320 x 370 x 105mm
Weight : 4.2 kg


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There are 9 Comments
  Flag boomer on 08-08-2004 @ 07:39
why is this deck not as popular?? can u play any k bitrate file for example standard cd is 192kps but could u play say 228 or above or is it just the standard 192kps cd for the pioneers
  Flag Lead on 17-04-2005 @ 22:46
This is probably the most popular Pioneer CDJ at this moment.

Pioneer has only 1 deck that plays MP3 at this moment and that is the Pioneer DMP-555
(discontinued 2004). The DMP plays various MP3 formats so CBR and VBR
will not be a problem. The range of bitrate that you give will not be a
problem for the DMP to play, but no other Pioneer CDJ's (or cmx's) play
MP3. Check this to read the discussion in our forums.

[update] For MP3 : Pioneer CDJ-200
  Flag sebastiaan on 07-06-2005 @ 15:45
de beste
  Flag Lead on 03-08-2005 @ 18:11

See this demonstration movie that was made by Pioneer Japan : Check

  Flag Sebas on 28-08-2005 @ 14:39
 pioneer has now the CDJ 200, that plays mp3 files
  Flag dion on 13-02-2006 @ 10:59
het is en blijft een mooi apparaat
  Flag dennislouwen on 05-05-2006 @ 21:20
weet iemand hoe je de single play mode uitzet. leuk als je gewoon een mix cdtje wil luisteren! ??
  Flag the-melody on 06-10-2006 @ 21:15
Autocue afzetten mss?
  Flag DJTruth on 31-05-2009 @ 16:48
@ Dennislouwen,

Je moet de autocue button ingedrukt houden.
De autocue verdwijnt dan in het scherm
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