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Model : DAC X-1000

Brand : Gemini
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Category : Mixers

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Gemini DAC X-1000  Mixers

feature DAX X-1000 is a sound studio control unit combining the qualities of a broadcast mixing console with the features and flexibility needed by a disc jockey.
feature The DAC X-1000 incorporates the most advanced intergrated cirquits and precision components in its design and is capable of handling and quality high powered amplifier without the use of an external pre-amplifier. Its flexible enough to be used with almost any phono input pre-amplifier, intigrated amplifier, or receiver.
feature Professional stereo slide controls.
feature Headphone cirquit to monitor each input
feature Made in U.S.A.


feature 2 Phono channels
feature Mixer does not effect 'RIAA' equalization
feature Headphone(MONO) with 'cue' control.
feature 5V RMS into 100 Ohm

feature Dimensions: 11' x 9'' x 3.5''
feature Weight: 5 lbs.

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Flagabstraktscience wrote on 10-12-2013 @ 04:30
My first mixer. Bought it used from a kid from Queens, NY in 1980.

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