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Monster Cable Products, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, then a laser-fusion design engineer at Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory. Also an audiophile and professional drummer, Noel left his laboratory work in 1974 to perform with his band, Asian Wood. His passion for music was to become the essence of Noel’s professional life, shaping the destiny of Monster and informing the development of Monster Products today.

Noel discovers that different speaker wires produce varying degrees of performance. This crucial realization now seems obvious, but it is big news in 1977. Noel understood that cables had to be given the same attention as any other system component. From this breakthrough, Lee develops a high-performance speaker cable, names it 'Monster' for its power, registers the name “Monster Cable” and creates both a company and an industry.

2008 - Monster, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre announce a partnership and debut Beats™ Studio at CES. This collaboration leads to a complete line of over-ear, in-ear and on-ear headphones, all living under the Beats® Brand. Beats Studio hits retail in 2008 and is wildly popular. Neither retailers nor consumers were used to paying $300 for a pair of headphones, but this turned out to be a marketing breakthrough: People would pay for superb audio quality. The Beats legacy begins with Monster as the key design, manufacturing and distribution partner.

2011 - HTC acquires Beats and HTC iBeats go to retail.

2012 - Monster and Beats announce a split.

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