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Year started : 1970
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Dateq Audio Technologies is started by Jan Kloppenburg in the Netherlands and produces audio equipment since 1970 for DJs and professional (end)users. The first series of mixers is developed in close cooperation with the endusers, these mixers turned out to be very successful. Since the release of the Dutch radio market in 1984 Dateq introduced the first real radio broadcast consoles and up till today DATEQ is the most used brand in this piece of the market.

DATEQ offers a wide variety of mixers for the disco market. All mixers comply to the DATEQ criteria: a reliable, easy to operate mixer with an exceptional sound quality. Other than mixers DATEQ also has a wide range of sound limiter (SPL series).

The broadcast mixers are developed with the know-how that was obtained by designing mixers for the DJ market. There is a lot change since 1984, but not out companies philosophy. The mixers are still developed together with end-users to make sure that both DATEQ's quality and servicablity demands are met.

Strong microprocessors guarantee a flexible and easy installable and above all intelligent broadcast console. Special care is given to the communication section, this is a major issue in modern radio studios. The fact that with all these features and functionality the console is still easy to operate, that what makes DATEQ so special.

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