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1974 Gemini started

1979 : Oldest Gemini gear in Gearbase
2017 : Latest Gemini gear in Gearbase

Chronology Timeline

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Gemini currently has a total of 254 items in the Gearbase.

There are -117 items available currently.

Gemini Usage  254 items


Gemini Sound Products Corporation is a manufacturer of professional audio and mobile DJ equipment, including DJ CD players, DJ turntables, DJ mixers, professional amplifiers, loudspeakers, wireless microphones & DJ audio effects. Founded in 1974, the company is based in New Jersey, USA. In June 2006, it announced the corporate name would change to GCI Technologies, an acronym meaning Gemini, Cortex, and iKey, its three divisions.

Cortex, an offshoot of the Gemini brand which was working exclusively on mass-storage based controllers with embedded systems, made its debut in 2006.

The Gemini DJ brand name is the most used brand of GCI Technologies.

 Gemini Product Overview

Gemini BPM-1000  
Gemini BPM-150  
Gemini BPM-250  
Gemini BPM-500  
Gemini CDM-1000  
Gemini CS-02  
Gemini CS-19  
Gemini CS-19R  
Gemini DAC X-1000  
Gemini DAC X-2000  
Gemini FX-7000  
Gemini IPMX  
Gemini KL-10 PRO  
Gemini KL-19 PRO  
Gemini KM-130  
Gemini KM-707  
Gemini MM-01  
Gemini MM-02  
Gemini MM-03  
Gemini MM-04  
Gemini MM-3000  
Gemini MX-8800  
Gemini MX-9300  
Gemini MX-9990  
Gemini PDM-01  
Gemini PDM-02  
Gemini PDM-03  
Gemini PDM-10  
Gemini PDM-1008  
Gemini PDM-12  
Gemini PDM-14  
Gemini PDM-16  
Gemini PDM-18  
Gemini PDM-24S  
Gemini PDM-3004  
Gemini PDM-3008  
Gemini PDM-3012  
Gemini PDM-5008  
Gemini PDM-6008  
Gemini PDM-6012  
Gemini PMX 1600  
Gemini PMX-02  
Gemini PMX-100  
Gemini PMX-1000  
Gemini PMX-1100  
Gemini PMX-120  
Gemini PMX-140  
Gemini PMX-1400  
Gemini PMX-15A  
Gemini PMX-1600  
Gemini PMX-18  
Gemini PMX-1800  
Gemini PMX-20  
Gemini PMX-200  
Gemini PMX-2001  
Gemini PMX-2400  
Gemini PMX-250  
Gemini PMX-2500  
Gemini PMX-2501  
Gemini PMX-3001  
Gemini PMX-350  
Gemini PMX-3500  
Gemini PMX-3501  
Gemini PMX-40  
Gemini PMX-500  
Gemini PMX-60  
Gemini PMX-7  
Gemini PMX-80  
Gemini PS-01  
Gemini PS-02  
Gemini PS-02 USB  
Gemini PS-03  
Gemini PS-04  
Gemini PS-1000 PRO  
Gemini PS-121X  
Gemini PS-424X  
Gemini PS-525 PRO  
Gemini PS-540I  
Gemini PS-626 PRO  
Gemini PS-626 PRO 2  
Gemini PS-626I  
Gemini PS-626USB  
Gemini PS-626X  
Gemini PS-646 PRO 2  
Gemini PS-650I  
Gemini PS-676 PRO  
Gemini PS-676 PRO 2  
Gemini PS-676I  
Gemini PS-700 PRO  
Gemini PS-700I  
Gemini PS-727  
Gemini PS-767  
Gemini PS-800 PRO  
Gemini PS-812  
Gemini PS-828X  
Gemini PS-850I  
Gemini PS-900  
Gemini PS-900 PRO  
Gemini PS-900I  
Gemini PS-924  
Gemini UMX SE  
Gemini UMX-3  
Gemini UMX-5  
Gemini UMX-7  
Gemini UMX-9  
Gemini XDJ-10  
Gemini XDJ-19  
Gemini XDJ-7  
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