538 Dance Department  Dennis Ruyer presenting Dance Department on Radio 538 / NL

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 14-01-2007 @ 13:35
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Date : 14-01-2007 @ 13:35

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  Flag Lead wrote on 14-01-2007 @ 14:19
I did a guest visit at Dance Department, which is Hollands main Dance radio show on saterday evening on Radio 538. You can download their podcast from wednesdays from this location.
  Flag Dj_Danny wrote on 14-01-2007 @ 19:18
Damn, nice studio! Most of the time the Dance Department broadcasts are a bit boring, at least, that's what I feel about it. On Fridaynight they broadcast the Powermix and Madhouse (Dj Jean). Those mixes are more uplifting.

But Lead have you mixed there live or was this only a visit to this radioprogramme, by/for Dj Resource?
  Flag PatrickBeuken wrote on 15-01-2007 @ 09:45
Yeah, tell us more about it...
  Flag Lead wrote on 15-01-2007 @ 11:17
Just a regular visit, I haven't been on air or behind the mic. Dance Department is a show where they play live mixes from lots of DJ's. Every other week they have a live performance (using 4x CDJ-1000 and DJM). Too bad this week there was no live-dj. I know Dennis pretty good so it was more a friendly visit than that I really did something there Winking my eye
  Flag SpagEddy wrote on 15-01-2007 @ 12:28
Yeah, im a big fan of the dance department podcast. I can't listen to the broadcast because i live in Australia.
Dennis has only just taken over a few weeks ago from Wessel van Diepen..

  Flag Steev wrote on 15-01-2007 @ 22:49
Haha, they know 538 even in Australia! Nice reputation for a radio station By the way, i don't like the mixes on 538, altough they are better then Caz! fm. ... :/

  Flag SpagEddy wrote on 16-01-2007 @ 08:48
Well I'm originally from Holland, but i guess through iTunes and other podcast networks, you come across the dance department podcast from anyplace in the world.
  Flag Lead wrote on 16-01-2007 @ 09:32
The dancedepartment Podcast has 2.300.000 downloads.... so they reach a lot of people.
  Flag TheSupercrab wrote on 16-01-2007 @ 11:01
nice studio! love all the screens, The Dancedepartment podcast is my fav podcast, has lots of tunes every week over a variety of styles, cant really go wrong there!
  Flag Jori wrote on 15-04-2007 @ 22:51
Lol, thought that 538 was known in NL only
  Flag Luxx wrote on 11-05-2007 @ 09:27
en dan nu de muis zoeken op het beeldscherm
  Flag stevew wrote on 26-05-2007 @ 21:02
Cool studio man!!! Looks awesome
  Flag Xtremer wrote on 20-03-2008 @ 17:38
Daar heb ik nog gestaan 3 jaar terugCry. Liep daar stage!
  Flag nickbn wrote on 16-03-2009 @ 16:59
Liep jij stage op je 13de?
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