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Gilles    posted on 30-05-2005 09:04
Just curious as to how you have setup your mixer. Is there a 'standard' to be used?

My current setup is : CDJ - Mixer(4 channel)?- CDJ, both the CDJ's are on the both most outer channels, meaning 1 and 4.

So, what is your mixer-channel setup?
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Gupy    posted on 16-09-2005 15:43
Poster: DJ-DC
wat voor tt en cd

CD is a regular Sony 5 CD-Changer ande TT are SL1210 M5g.

But guy's keep this topic in Englisch!!! Don't answer in Dutch.
jordy    posted on 16-09-2005 16:46
Poster: Gery
langs een kant wel, ma 't is binnenkort mijn verjaardag dus...
en op lange termijn zou ik graag nog een djm-600 of nuo5 willen ook, maar da's pas voor na vakantiejob volgend jaar ofzo.

Maar is het niet zo dat het beter is om te leren met basis materiaal? :d

why would that be better? good stuff @ parties or disco's and if you'd like to take it with you... it wont matter either..
Gery    posted on 16-09-2005 19:53
Poster: jordy

why would that be better? good stuff @ parties or disco's and if you'd like to take it with you... it wont matter either..
 If you can ride a very old card you can def. ride with the newest models... Thumbs Up
DJ - Producer
Lukaz    posted on 16-09-2005 20:14
Numark DM-3050 is my mixer.. 
CH1: Turntable
CH2: Home CD Player (just for listning cd's)
CH3: Turntable
djmartin    posted on 16-09-2005 20:22
My mixer is a Behringer DJX-700:
CH-1: Pioneer CDJ-800
CH-2: Pioneer CDJ-800

Gilles    posted on 16-09-2005 21:10
Xone  :92

return 1 - EFX 500
return 2 - vrij

channel 1 - CDJ 1000
channel 2 - minidisk playbak
channel 3 - soundbite
channel 4 - CDJ 800
sYnDrOmtA    posted on 23-02-2006 14:50
Ecler NUO3

CH1 - RP 6000 mk5s
CH2 - PC
CH3 - RP 6000 mk5s
LauW    posted on 23-02-2006 14:58
Reloop RMX40-DSP

CH1Phono: Reloop RP4000M3D-s
CH1Line: Mp3 Speler
CH2Line: Pioneer CDJ800
CH3Line: Pioneer CDJ800
CH4Phono: Reloop RP4000M3D-s
CH4Line: Technics SL-DZ1200
Send/Return: Behringer DFX-69
the-melody    posted on 23-02-2006 17:13

Pioneer djm600s

Ch1: empty

Ch2phono: SL1210MK2

Ch3line: CDJ800

Ch4phono: High Q10

Send/Return: Efx-500

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Bastian    posted on 23-02-2006 18:06
Gemini Fx 7000:

Ch1: jb cd 200

Ch2: reloop rp4000m3d

Ch3: jb cd 200

Ferry    posted on 23-02-2006 22:57
Ik heb een Pioneer djm-600,
ch 1     cdj-1000mk2
ch 1-2  md speler
ch 2     sl 1200
ch 2-2  cdj-100s
ch 3     sl 1200
ch 4     cdj-1000mk2
ch 4-2  cd brander
booth   out -> booth versterker
master out -> ingangen md-speler/cd brander
Deetek    posted on 23-02-2006 23:56
Pioneer DJM-500

ch 1 - mic

ch 2 - DD5250 (super OEM)

ch 3 - DD5250 (super OEM)

ch 4 - connected to my pc for playing mp3 or dj mixes

Mimoza    posted on 24-02-2006 00:59
Poster: Mimoza
on my djm 707:

channel 1 phono: Synq x.trm1
channel 1 line: Ipod 20Gb 3G
channel 2 phonp: Synq x.trm 1

right now it changed into:

session in: ipod 20gb 3G
channel 1 phono: Stanton St-150
channel 2 phono: Stanton St-150
send/return: Pioneer efx500
kiss the future
Camino    posted on 24-02-2006 09:09
Mixer Beat 4

Ch1: CDJ800 / Mic

Ch2: TT / MD

Ch3: TT / Laptop

Ch4: TT / Yamaha DJX2

Lea_Phar    posted on 24-02-2006 09:39
Mixer Phonic (will be replaced by a Nuo3 in a month......or 2)

Ch1: empty

Ch2: CDN-35 left

Ch3: CDN-35 right

All build in a 19" flightcase

Lassy    posted on 24-02-2006 16:08

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Patrick2005    posted on 24-02-2006 16:11
mixer behringer djx-700

ch-1 pc
ch-2 pc
ch-3 tt
ch-4 tt
Lassy    posted on 24-02-2006 16:12
   [CDJ] [CDJ]



CH1 CH2  CH3 CH4 CH5
  |       |      |     |      |
CDJ   TT    TT  CDJ   PC

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Cyrille    posted on 24-02-2006 16:15
Mixer: Behringer DJX-700 (DJM600 in a month or 2 Winking my eye )

ch1 - CDJ800
ch2 - CDJ800
ch3 - Virtual DJ
ch4 - radio (for the recording of radioshows)

rec out - pc with audacity
dj-nick    posted on 25-02-2006 17:05
                [tt]        [tt]


           [cdj] mixer [cdj][cdj]

ch1 cdj

ch2 cdj

ch3 cdj / tt

ch4 tt

_Ivan_    posted on 25-02-2006 18:41
    [cdj] [tt] mixer [tt] [cdj]

ch1 cdj
ch2 tt
ch3 tt
ch4 cdj
the-melody    posted on 25-02-2006 18:47
Did you have cdj's?? Since when

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_Ivan_    posted on 25-02-2006 18:48
Dat word me mixer setup nu staan er 2 simpele cd-spelertjesWinking my eye
Sandr    posted on 25-02-2006 23:11
CDJ 800
CDJ 800
Dateq Styx
CDJ 800
CDJ 800

(Channel 1 up to 4)

The dateq has 6 channels, and i have 2 Reloop Rp 4000 MkII, so if its neccesary i can put in these to. 

Then it would be
CDJ 800
CDJ 800
Dateq Styx
CDJ 800
CDJ 800
Play that funky music white boy....
Henk    posted on 26-02-2006 00:57
Behringer Dx 1000

Ch 1 Boss Dr 220 Drumcomputer

Ch 2 Empty

Ch 3 Bst 4.5 (Super Oem)

Ch 4 Pioneer Cdj 200

Ch 5 Gemini Cdj 20

Ch 6 Gemini Cdj 20

Ch 7 Pc in en uit

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