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ninyo    posted on 24-03-2008 03:57
I just bought pioneer HDJ 1000 Headphones - and they turned out to be fake!

What should i do - i payed 80$ for them and thought that i was getting a good deal...

Should i sell them? or keep them and use them as mp3 headphones? or just as another spare pair of headphones?

MissSalem    posted on 24-03-2008 08:58
Where did you buy them?
Tizio    posted on 24-03-2008 09:14
That sux man, if you bought them on the internet, I don't thnik there is much you can do about it. No one would probably buy them from you beacause they're fake. I schould just keep them for your mp3 player or as backup headphones, they still look cool :D
sanderk    posted on 24-03-2008 09:51
hmmm... where did you buy it?Cry
Flexii    posted on 24-03-2008 11:59
that's really f*cked up, find that mother f*cker who sold them to you and  crush his brains:P
no, I'm just kidding, but do they have a good quality, then I should keep them for your mp3 ans as a spare pair of headphones, but first try to get your money back
Lead    posted on 24-03-2008 13:39
Best solution: try to bring them back to the guy you bought them from. As they are sold probably as a 'pioneer' you should be able to get your money back (unless purchased from a persone instead of a shop)

You can check de differences as I've posted a picture in the DJ Topic about the Pioneer HDJ-1000. Scroll down to see all the differences.

As the 'fake' HDJ is also sold under the brand Stanton you might just keep it as a spare set.

btw, this is the image :

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MissSalem    posted on 24-03-2008 15:05

It might be just me, but I don't see much difference between a real Pioneer HDJ-1000 and a fake one. How can you recognize a fake set?

x-ample    posted on 24-03-2008 15:28
Smaller leather black band with a smaller pioneer logo.
And the flexible construction is black and different than a real one.
And the cable is looking different.
Lead    posted on 24-03-2008 15:28
Just go to the HDJ-1000 topic as I've said and look at the end of it. Just next to this image I've mentioned all the differences.

Also look closely to the picture and you should notice the differences.
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tom-j    posted on 24-03-2008 16:27
that really sucks! but still it looks cool so you could use it as an extra pear of headphones or for your
mp3 player!
DJ-NickB    posted on 25-03-2008 21:19
Je ziet het verschil ook op de draaipunten.. origineel: zilver   Fake: zwart...

Je moet er wel goed voor kijken:O

Phenix    posted on 25-03-2008 22:14

The word PIONEER on the headband is just another, it is smaller on the fake HDJ-1000

Lead    posted on 26-03-2008 00:41
The o is perfectly round on the imitation while the real logo is cursive
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ninyo    posted on 27-03-2008 18:44

I bought Them From Ebay - LOL - Yea stupid Eh?

The real reason i jumped on them was because they were in the Real packeging! i was just stupid enough not to notice the black joints on both sides!

got me really mad...

The ad said they were pioneer but when you read the description it said "These Pioneer HDJ 1000 style Heaphones...."

Notice the word Style!

That page we have on here is an excellent resource...

Thanks - I'll keep you posted on the sound quality...
MissSalem    posted on 27-03-2008 18:50

Doesn't Ebay have a policy in case the object really wouldn't suit the description? In case the sound quality really isn't worth the money spent on the head set.

Not sure whether that would work though...

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Jori    posted on 27-03-2008 19:46
Anyway you could just ask the person u bought it from if u can get ur money back. If he does not, then u have sth that looks cool, put it on the wal or sth:p
thomassmith    posted on 30-03-2008 16:04

die neppe is een american audio
die heb ik ook gehad maar dan is die met pioneer stikkers erop

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ninyo    posted on 30-03-2008 19:04

the ones i bought weren't american audio - they actually said pioneer hdj 1000 on the case

I guess i'll keep them for now - use them as spare - unless somebody i know wants to buy them from me before i open them...

Grazydon    posted on 30-03-2008 19:20
Poster: thomassmith

die neppe is een american audio
die heb ik ook gehad maar dan is die met pioneer stikkers erop

Die lijkt er idd verdacht veel op....
toch beetje jammer als je een échte pioneer verwacht!!!

ninyo    posted on 03-04-2008 22:16
Hey People,

I got in the headphones today - in their condition they aret worth even 7 dollars ....

They came in a REAL PIONEER BOX, that has obviously been opened

They took out the real ones and put in these fake ones. the have no stereo mono switch, and look exactly like the pic

The pouch that came with them was half of the pioneer symbol on it the other half has the ink all dripped out and is falling apart

They are garbage and an ebarassment to be seen with!!!

Stupid me.....
ninyo    posted on 03-04-2008 22:21

I am going to post some pictures soon...

Flexii    posted on 03-04-2008 22:27
Poster: ninyo

I am going to post some pictures soon...


that's really f*cked up for you man,
Lead    posted on 04-04-2008 00:15
please send me some pictures. the ones used in the site topic are of bad quality. I'd be glad if you could help me get better pictures there Happy, laughing
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jannickv    posted on 04-04-2008 18:09

hier worden er stuk of 20 verkocht iedereen boze mails sturen!!!!!!!!!!
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DJTruth    posted on 18-02-2009 14:38
Aren't this headphones illegal? The copyright is from Pioneer. If other company's this headphones sell with Pioneers name on it? That's totally illegal, isn't it? Tim
Stefjuuh    posted on 18-02-2009 15:26
And now wait for fake hdj-2000's..:p
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