Need some help choosing a turntable
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Ves    posted on 21-05-2005 17:08
Within the next month I'm planning to get a turntable to use as a player to record? vinyl? to .wav/cd. and now and then to plactice with vinyl.
I had 2 turntables in my head: the stanton str-100/st-100 or the technics 1200 mkII. The stanton would because of the S P/DIF (digital output) and the technics would be cause I already got the full digital technics set so why not stick to 1 brand and it's also good to have as turntable for vinyl. With this I would just plug it into my mixer and from there plug that into my laptop using an external soundcard.

If you can't really understand me, sorry for that I'm writing this while i've been awake for 31 hours with those hours including 2 12 hour shifts.

Thnx for the reply's upfront
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Lead    posted on 21-05-2005 17:32
If you know you are going to digitize a lot I think that the Stanton with digital out is the best option. That makes recording in your PC a lot simpler, you can connect the turntable directly to your PC without the need of a mixer.

I haven't been able to listen to the Sound quality of the digital output, but I think this wil be good enough. While mixing there is not much difference between the Technics and these OEM turntables.

It might be a good idea to use software like Steinberg Clean to optimize your recordings. It has a neat batch-filter to make life easy. I've used it with good results :D
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