Which brand Mixer do you prefer ?
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Lead    posted on 15-05-2005 17:18
What brand of mixer do you prefer ?

You don't have to own one, it's just which you like to use.
Let the BASS be louder
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What do you think about Which brand Mixer do you prefer ? ??

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DaRoyal    posted on 15-05-2005 17:24
I really like the Xone of Allen & Heath. Great mixers, but I'm not that fond of the faderbuttons which are used on the 32 and the 62 the tubfaders (is that correct English, I mean 'kuipfaders' in Dutch). Wish I could own one, but it's way too expensive for me, as a home-DJ.

That's why I'm going to buy an Ecler Nuo 3 this summer which comes in second place.

Edit: It will be a Pioneer DJM-707, which is the first Pioneer mixer which is really attractive for me. Winking my eye
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Dilandro    posted on 15-05-2005 17:44
First place, the Xone:92. It's just the best mixer on the market today. No doubt about it. Extremely good quality and a really good layout.

Second place, the new Technics mixer (SHMZ1200) since it has everything I need. The crossfader is optical, 45mm (nicely curved) linefaders, Send/Return with pre/post etc etc.

This is also the reason why I bought the Technics mixer. Imo, the best mixer for it's money Happy, laughing
Dyno    posted on 16-05-2005 09:07
I'm very happy with my Pioneer DJM-600 !
LauW    posted on 16-05-2005 10:48
I currently have the DJX-700 from Behringer wich im very happy with, especially for the money i paid for it, but if I wanna buy a new one i would go for the Reloop RMX-40 DSP.
CastroLeChina    posted on 16-05-2005 14:06
yesterday i have order a Djm 600
So i will go for the Pioneer Happy, laughing

TheSupercrab    posted on 16-05-2005 17:54
i am really impressed by the Ecler mixers and will be purchasing either the nu04 or 5 this summer.

Emaus    posted on 16-05-2005 19:33
While is not money.
but i dream about Pioneer Djm-600S
Jorrit    posted on 16-05-2005 20:18
Hard one!
Pioneer dateq and synq or A&H, I voted dateq
I'd like to vote them all !
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Rhino    posted on 17-05-2005 08:59
i,m very happy with my PmC 05 and PCV 275
FrankH    posted on 17-05-2005 17:29
I really like the new Ecler Nuo 3, it's for me the perfect mixer for a nice price. And I also like the looks op the Nuo.
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sebastiaan    posted on 17-05-2005 17:31
die xone is wel vet en fijn
sebastiaan    posted on 30-06-2005 21:33
zeggen ze
sebastiaan    posted on 30-06-2005 21:33
ik kan hem niet betalen
djmamo    posted on 01-07-2005 12:06
eclere nuo 5
Ves    posted on 01-07-2005 13:33
Xone 62
DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 16-09-2005 07:32
So Denon is the "Other" *lol*

Strange, i thought that was one of the leading brands in the Dj industry!

But i'll go with the X1500 and DJM 909
Dj_T.im    posted on 16-09-2005 07:38
i prefer pioneer,, but i have a behringer
TheSupercrab    posted on 16-09-2005 08:19
whoa! Behringer at same rating as eclerConfused Unhappy. A sad day.. a sad day indeed Winking my eye.
Jorrit    posted on 16-09-2005 14:06
It's weird to see berhinger is more popular than rodec vestax and synq, ... :p

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Dj_T.im    posted on 16-09-2005 15:06
its cheap
Jorrit    posted on 16-09-2005 16:05
so? Dateq mixers still are better...
How can you prefer a mixer because its cheap? :P

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