DJM-700 DJM800 digital input question(s)
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envi    posted on 15-02-2008 22:48

I'm looking to purchase abit newer equipment to keep up with the progression in the scene. I've already decided that the CDJ-800mk2's is the best buy, not only in price, but also alot of people prefer it over the 1k's as I hear.

Anyway, the problem now is to select a mixer. A few years back, it wasn't a problem, the DJM-600 was the industry leader, and thats also the mixer I'm used to. However the new models, the DJM-700 and 800, are of course a better choice today. I found the video demos of both mixers to be very informative, and the slight difference between them in the FX-section doesn't make me favor either.

What I've concluded is, that I need to figure out if the digital inputs on the DJM-800 is of any worth? How does it work, contra using RCA cables? Is the quality going to be noticable better?

Any information on the subject would be much appreciated.
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Lead    posted on 15-02-2008 22:53
The analogue sound quality of the DJM-700 is equal to the sound quality of the DJM-800 when using the analogue connections.

The digital sound quality of the digital inputs is better than the analogue inputs, that's for sure. But you need decent speakers and amplifier to be able to hear it.

The bigger question might be if you prefer the per-channel-filters. Also the overall build quality of the DJM-800 is better as it is designed for on-the-road or club installation use. The DJM-700 is designed to give you the best quality at home.
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DjBram    posted on 15-02-2008 23:54

I prefer the djm-800 but there are other mixers who are very good too


envi    posted on 16-02-2008 02:20
Do you know the techniqal information on the differense between the digital signal and the analoge?

And yea, the sound FX knobs on each channel is quite hot. But so is the filter button on the effect module on the DJM-700. It does open up for alot more play on the DJM-800, but generally with my style of music the filterknob for the effect is probably of more use. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for the top end, but we'll see, I'm still swinging. It's the digital inputs thats going to make the final choice.

Another question:
Is there any other use of the digital input besides the extended audio quality? Better connectivity with other hardware etc?
Cyspoz    posted on 16-02-2008 10:00
Nice thing of the Digital Inputs from the DJM-800 is that is you use them in combination with the Analogue Inputs you can connect a CDJ to 2 channels. This gives you a whole new way of mixing possibilities, ranging from dry-wet options on your crossfader to applying different effects to the same audio signal. There are Demo video's that show you this. Couldn't find it right away but if you look at Youtube I'll bed you find one.
Lead    posted on 16-02-2008 10:55
Yes I know the difference but it's a long talk about sample rates, dynamics and the human ear. You need to listen to it to learn how to tell the difference. When you've listened to hunderds of speaker setups at the end you'll learn what to listen to to judge sound quality.

But what I said, it all depands on the weakest chain in the link. When you have rubbish speakers, triple-A class amplifier and everything connected digitally your speakers determinate the overall quality of the audio chain. And the overall quality can never be better than the quality of the weakest link, in this example the speakers.

I do plan to write a long DJ topic about sound, sound quality digital stuff and so but as it's a complex issue and I want to do it right it will take a long time before a decent story is finished. (it's not the only thing i need to do) Winking my eye
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xandro    posted on 06-04-2008 22:05
the digital signal (s/pdif) will lock to the signal quality of the songs.

.ie: a sample with 44100khz signal will considered as 'normal cd audio' 
if a song created with 48000khz-64000khz format the S/PDIF on the DJM-800 just use the signal selector at the back of DJM-800

I always use the itunes to convert the audio files to the max 48000khz just 
go to itunes/preferences/advanced/importing/custom
then select the songs you want to convert and it will automatically do it for you mp3/wav/aiff are all the same..

 will lock to that signal..the greater the signal..the more deep the layer of the sample..above 64000khz signal will equal

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