cdj800 .. need a power convertor
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shields    posted on 05-01-2008 16:00
i have bought a new cdj800 mk2 recently and when it was delivered i was out. my brother got a normal british plug(240v) and pluged it into the cdj power?socket which operates under 120v and he said it switched on and then turned itself off after about a second. i have two questions

1) will 240v have damaged my cdj in any way?

2) do i need to use a step down convertor to operate it (240v->120v)

thanks :D
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Boyd    posted on 05-01-2008 16:16
he said it turns hiszelf off? i thing the cdj is broken now, do u have tested it? maybe there is a tiny red switch to change power supply from 240v -> 110v?
Bouncy    posted on 05-01-2008 17:24
You are also broken down when you eat to much!
Yes you need a step down converter, but i don't think the cdj still works!

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