Spinning Platter?
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nelly    posted on 09-05-2005 02:40
I am days away from making my purchase, and have one for query that i need answered'

i have watched alot of videos of dn-s5000's beat juggling etc. does the spinning platter make it easier to do this? in other words, is it a big difference when it comes to learning...i must say i do prefer the spinning platter, it just seems more natural, but the mk2's seem like a better unit .... your thoughts ?

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What do you think about Spinning Platter? ??

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trancegroove    posted on 09-05-2005 03:32
Yeah that's a tough choice. As far as beat juggling...I really do much of that so I couldn't tell you, but this is what I can tell you to help you out.

I have a dz1200 and a cdj-1000mk2. At first, I really wanted a moving platter and I was deciding between dz1200 and the dn-s5000. After some review I decided to go with the dz1200 because it had a direct-drive motor....and this is why: I read in a review that the Denon s5000 is actually belt-driven....CLICK HERE for the review. If you read the second paragraph under Denon DN-S5000 you will see this.

But with that aside and looking back....I think I might have been happier with the Denon...*shrugs*

But I decided for my second cd table I would go for the cdj-1000mk2, and I really like it....plus you don't have to worry moving motor parts that wear out

Maruis    posted on 09-05-2005 09:08
 I have two DN-S5000's and love them, they have so much functionality compared to the other makes and the belt driven platter isn't a problem like in tt's. Any case if you do decide to buy the 5k's you won't regret that decision.

For more info see this and this review
lmols    posted on 09-05-2005 16:39
I have 2 CDJ1000's and 1 SLDZ1200, but I would prefer the CDJ anytime...

The spinning platter looks cool, but when it comes to using it, it is too sensitive. Especially when (trying to) speeding up a track, nudging forward that is ... You only have to look at the platter to make it skip a beat or two, as a matter of speaking... Slowing it down is no big deal, it's just as a regular turntable.

No, the way Pioneer engineered it, is much better for me, and more accurate too, you can make tiny little adjustments easily, either way !
Lead    posted on 09-05-2005 19:48
The accuracy and speed please me the most on the CDJ. I only own CDJ and TTs but I've used a lot of equipment for my job. I've also the Denons but must say that an error is quit fast made with all the double and tripple functions of the player.

Off course when you won a pair of decks you figure out everything so eventually you get used to it. But the simplicity of the CDJ is enough to play with and keeps the design clean.

The Hot Cue's in combination with the MMC possibility really rule. It gives you a way  to do some homework before a performance. I know that a pre-studied trick is worthless, but when you make 10 good Cue Point in a track you can decide at that moment which you store under the HotCues.
Waveform is very easy, allthough you will survive without it Winking my eye
Loading speed is fast and with a second or so your track is playing. Scratching can be done almost instantly.

For beat joggling and scratching there are plenty of people using the CDJs for it (De La Soul and Prodigy have both been seen using them).

But at the end it's always a personal choice, there is no good or bad, there are only differences. The best thing to do is to go to a shop and test them out yourself.
Let the BASS be louder
Laidback    posted on 10-05-2005 09:13
And Thats The Way The cookie Crumbles

Just give me a cdj-1000mk2 And i'm happy, lead is totaly right... just like school , when you do your homework, you get great Grades, the cdj-1000 is best becouse of his Simplicety, You can do whatever you want on it (as Dj then)
Maruis    posted on 11-05-2005 07:02
Yeah the cdj1k's are good decks, nobody can dispute that. But so is the DN-S5000's as well. It is all a matter of taste and what your pocket can handle. I prefered the 5k's, due to the fact that you get more features for a lower price (normally)... And for me it was a matter of which deck would give me more creative posibilities...

Now I am faced by the same dilema about which four channel mixer to buy. The DN-X1500 or DJM600? In this case I like the 600 a lot more than the 1500. The 1500 just feels to plastic and the effects doesn't sound as nice as the 600. There is off course many other makes to choose from as well...
Jorrit    posted on 12-05-2005 20:51
jep, it's definately a matter of taste!
I like the great lay-out on pioneer players, and that's what Denon doesn't have imo.   
But maruis, the new dateq looks great to (talking about 4-channel mixers), what the price of the thing btw.?

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