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W.i.M    posted on 05-05-2005 14:21
Which CD-player do you use or do you prefer ?

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The link to the Productions is probably dead and this topic is locked
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
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What do you think about Which CD-player do you prefer ? ??

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Lead    posted on 05-05-2005 14:23
CDJ-1000 and Mk2 use the same vote button !

Please add your favourite deck in a posting when you choose 'Other'
Let the BASS be louder
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W.i.M    posted on 05-05-2005 14:28
It's almost the same device
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
trancegroove    posted on 05-05-2005 16:14
wooohooo I just got my 1000MK2 yesterday!!!
Emaus    posted on 05-05-2005 17:38
I shall take CDJ-200
W.i.M    posted on 06-05-2005 00:15
I'm sorry for those (2) who already voted for 'others' because I just added two important other players -> Technics SL-DZ1200 and the Numark CDX.
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
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splendid    posted on 07-05-2005 00:03
kga morgen m'n nieuwe CDJ-1000Mk2 ophalen
W.i.M    posted on 08-05-2005 00:37
I suspected Numark higher in the ranking so far....

maybe there aren't much Numark lovers around here....
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
DjEternity    posted on 14-07-2005 23:29
Pioneer MKII 4 shure !
Jorrit    posted on 15-07-2005 00:21
800 Happy, laughing
Ves    posted on 15-07-2005 20:55
Dj_Kevin    posted on 15-07-2005 20:58
robbert    posted on 18-07-2005 11:05
Poster: Wim

maybe there aren't much Numark lovers around here....

idd I always have the feeling those people around here hate numark.
Jorrit    posted on 18-07-2005 11:32
well, that isn't the case. U'll find plenty of Pioneer-lovers, but no Numark-haters.
At least, not that I know... Winking my eye
Lead    posted on 18-07-2005 18:21
Nope, I don't think there are Numark haters... Why ?? Their products are good for the money you spend on it. Some are even better Winking my eye
Let the BASS be louder
DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 16-09-2005 07:53
Well PIO of course, but i have an Denon D9000 that im very content with.
The best of two worlds put together!

They gonna launch the 3k5'r for 450£ in Uk, r u gonna be there?


Dj_T.im    posted on 16-09-2005 15:24
CDJ 200
Jorrit    posted on 16-09-2005 15:58
could you give a reason why u prefer that player above CDJ-1000 or something else?
DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 23-01-2006 05:46
Well i write, Denon DNS 3500's, They're sweet , oh no i havent abandoned my CDJ 1000's, i have them also.

DNS 3500's
CDJ 1000's
DND 9000

DJM 909
DJM 600

Maybe DJM 800, i haven't decided yet

But DNS will give Pioneer a run for their money, that's for sure!


Ramon72    posted on 23-01-2006 06:15

Where can I vote for it? Wim, you didn't "forget" this one now, did you?
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Bradleybourbon    posted on 23-01-2006 13:37
CDJ-1000 Mk2 anyday of the week.  I think i would take the CDJ-800 over the regular 1000 though.
victorn    posted on 23-01-2006 13:49
Poster: Ramon72
you didn't "forget" this one now, did you?
I think at the time this poll started, the DN-S3500 was not introduced yet!
Winston    posted on 23-01-2006 13:55
Congrats Trancegroove & Splendid.

CDJ 1000 mkII immediately if I had the money. Good things for me: wave data, memory card, loop edit, good lay-out, super fast search, looks hot.

Tic Toc
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djreino    posted on 23-01-2006 14:12
cdj 200.

but the cdj 1000mk2 is also realy nice
LauW    posted on 23-01-2006 14:31
I have 800's and an sldz but afcours if i had the money i prefer the 1000's over the 800, who doesn't?
ceesietopc    posted on 23-01-2006 17:37
I think the Denon dn-s3500 rules!

But of course.. i like the pioneer cdj also
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