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trancegroove    posted on 02-05-2005 05:02
I haven't seen much about what kind of speakers everybody uses.

I am looking to get some nice high quality powered speakers for home and possibly to take to a small party.

I have been looking at the Mackie SRM450's and the JBL Eon Powered15.?? Anybody have any? suggestions? or comments about? any speakers?


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Lead    posted on 02-05-2005 08:48
There you name 2 serious candidates. I really like the mackie. Sound quality is good and they have a lovely blue LED.

The EONs look a little less pretty (allthough the black EONs look great), but of these two I give my privilige to the Mackies.
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Homer    posted on 11-07-2005 16:53
yea i heard mackie is the best...u could also try JBL pretty popular
djmamo    posted on 11-07-2005 16:57
if you got the money i would look for electro voice or dynacord that are quality speakers and lasting very long.

tairip    posted on 11-07-2005 18:10
SRM 450,

We use the SRM-450 for rental. serveral DJ's and students use them and not 1 has come back whit technical problems!

The perfect speaker for monitoring of main sound.

Just buy them, I can't judge the JBL
Jorrit    posted on 11-07-2005 18:27
I got 2 skytec speakers... they're supposed to be 150 watt Winking my eye
It's powerd by a XXL Axps 250 amp.

It's enough for my room and some small parties (about 30 kids).
Ves    posted on 11-07-2005 21:11
I'm using my Logitech Z-680 at the moment. Through the digital output of my mixer
SonicWalker    posted on 12-07-2005 00:05
Syrincs M3-220 on the desk (the subwoofer is underneath the desk of course).


They sound good if you sit behind you computer and work with audio software. They also have enough power for a larger room, but for DJing I would choose a different monitor.
Lead    posted on 12-07-2005 00:35
I use for the main output :

2x MM8 Sub: MM12b

Powered by a Mackie M1400 amplifier in an odd way. [Lees Meer]

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DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 16-09-2005 07:35
JBL 15"Eon G2's
JBL Sub 18"
Thats the only choice if your on the road and don't have the space!

At Home!

1 pair of Cervin Vega AT100 15" (Modified) 1000W 160litres/46kg Each
2x Alto 800w 8ohm's Amlifiers.
American Audio 15" Active 250w, i know they're crap, but i got them almost for free
and they sound pretty good though!

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Dj_T.im    posted on 16-09-2005 07:37
omnitronics 15"
Gupy    posted on 16-09-2005 08:50
A always used a pair off Mackie HR824....

Rhino    posted on 16-09-2005 09:35
voor mijn dj setje gewoon simpele wharfdale valdus samen met sony mosfet versterker.
erg fijn vol geluidje

Gupy    posted on 16-09-2005 11:11
Poster: Rhino
voor mijn dj setje gewoon simpele wharfdale valdus samen met sony mosfet versterker.
erg fijn vol geluidje


Try to keep this topic in Englisch please.

Translate: I use for my DJ set a simple Wharfdale Valdus speaker and a Sony Mosfet amplier. A very nice and full sound.
Dj_T.im    posted on 16-09-2005 15:14
i'm using 2 18" woofers

Jorrit    posted on 16-09-2005 16:01
Poster: DJ-DC
omnitronics 15"


Poster: DJ-DC
i'm using 2 18" woofers

Eh... so what is it? U'r using 15"tops with 18"subs or something?
Rhino    posted on 16-09-2005 16:37
in english: oh, of course , i wasn,t aware of that !

Lukaz    posted on 17-09-2005 14:49
Poster: Jorrit
Poster: DJ-DC
omnitronics 15"


Poster: DJ-DC
i'm using 2 18" woofers

Eh... so what is it? U'r using 15"tops with 18"subs or something?

Winking my eye:PI can answer for him..  :P  you right its 500W RMS with 15'' woofers
Wammes    posted on 19-09-2005 13:58
M-Audio LX4 2.1 monitors
Basrose    posted on 19-09-2005 18:30
lol i use some cheap Dap speakers... 250W a piece.. I dont need more @ home
Dj_T.im    posted on 19-09-2005 21:22
i'm using 2 omnitronics 500 watt rms
Ves    posted on 20-09-2005 14:04
Ik wil wel redelijk monitors halen wanneer ik verhuist ben want de ruimte die ik nu heb met alles wat er in is is gewoon te abnormaal
Jorrit    posted on 20-09-2005 15:35
This is the DJ-Gear [English] forum
Let's keep it readable for our non-dutch speaking members Winking my eye
remixer    posted on 02-04-2006 09:43
i've got a old Jamo power 500  350 watts!!
the-melody    posted on 02-04-2006 09:48
1x TSX10 van JB(150 watt denk ik), 1x TSX15 van JB(250watt)
neutje    posted on 02-04-2006 10:21
2 audiophony a bass subs 300 watt rms 600 watt peak

2 audiophony t15 tops 200 watt rms 400 watt peak

and my amp is a audiophony cx1200

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