pioneer djm-800 or korg zero4 help to decide
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Poll : Which one is better?

-Korg Zero4
-Pioneer DJM-800

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klejor    posted on 25-10-2007 10:28
Hi !
I decided to spend lots of money for dj equipment. A few days ago i bought 2x CDJ-1000MK3 but still i cant choose good mixer. Im thinking about djm-800 - now its old and very expensive - or korg zero4 - new, modern mixer, more features like double effector, fire-wire and other.
Pioneer its Pioneer, everyone wants to have it but korg looks very good and is more useful

Pleas guys, help me to decide.
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What do you think about pioneer djm-800 or korg zero4 help to decide ??

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BryanB    posted on 25-10-2007 10:34
I Voted DJM800, just because it fits between the 1000's. It's really a wannahave for every DJ...And its the standard at most parties and clubs..
But I never heard, or read any reviews of the Korg. Maybe you can test both mixers somewhere.
Renzis    posted on 25-10-2007 10:35
I guess allmost everyone would say pioneer hereWinking my eye

the question is, where are you going for: quality or features. I'm not saying the korg isn't quality, but pioneer is in my opinion better on that point.
anyway, try them in a shop or something to decide what feels the best.

Good luck
MaD    posted on 25-10-2007 10:46
I have a DJM 800 now, and still very happy with it. It`s really a great mixer, beacause of the Color FX ///
Illusion    posted on 25-10-2007 10:54
Pioneer is a better good, modern mixer. Choose the Pioneer, its just better!! That's my Opinion.
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klejor    posted on 25-10-2007 11:15
watch this Happy, laughing)
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Timmerink    posted on 25-10-2007 11:33
Also in my opinion you can better choose for an DJM-800. I also have an 800 between my CDJ-1000MK3 and there are no other DJ-Mixers who are better than a 800. This is te perfect mixer for a dj, who wants to make tricks with (a lot of) effects and who want to spin ultimate with a CDJ-1000(MK3)!
Cyspoz    posted on 25-10-2007 12:12

I would decide based on the following points:
- The Korg provides much more functionality
- The korg is more extendable
- The Pioneer is Digital
- The Pioneer is the mixer you will encounter the most in the real world
- Check for yourself what mixer you can control the most easy
- What are the future plans for expanding and what mixer supports those plans the best

The Korg looks good on all points and I think that except the digital aspect the only point it can get beated is the user friendlyness. The Korg looks like a great mixer, but it seems to require some experience to control it. You should test this for yourself.

ScottB    posted on 25-10-2007 17:00
Korg, has a lot more options, Pioneers are easy to use so therefore you don't need to buy a Pio. Besides Korg is wellknown for its good soundquality and I think you have more fun with the Korg.
alect    posted on 25-10-2007 17:04
the DJM is just great with those CDJ-1000MK3.
the DJM also looks better.
DaRoyal    posted on 25-10-2007 17:14
The Korg Zero 4 seems not to be that great for DJ'ing purposes, it's more for studiobased working with ableton or something like that. This is because of the faders and the small knobs which aren't that great for the 'rough' technique most dj's handle.

So I would also vote for the DJM-800. Maybe you can also look at the Ecler Nuo 5, allthough I don't know if that one's available and how much it costs in Poland. Happy, laughing
Xitrate    posted on 25-10-2007 19:05
You shouldnt ask a question about what brand to choose in this forum, because you're always guaranteed that atleast 90% says Pioneer.
The DJM is a great mixer from what I've seen and it has really proven itself to be a decent quality mixer.
The Korg however is not so popular but that doesnt say anything about the quality of the mixer,because it never had the 'chance' to prove itself.
It really is a personal choice you should make for yourself. Some people think DJM's are better to work with, others think NUO's are better, etc.
soundcollector    posted on 25-10-2007 21:01
Poster: alect
the DJM is just great with those CDJ-1000MK3.
the DJM also looks better.

I think those things you said are really lame points....
I think you have to test the korg. I think it will be a good quality mixer cause korg doesn't make shitty things (I think)...

If you buy the pio because you see them the most in clubs etc... then don't buy it !!!! You know how to use the pio on a party within 5 minutes so that's not a problem...

I think you really have to test the korg... don't go on poeples thoughts because like some poeple mentioned before, everyone here says pioneer... Try the korg to the bone !!! and write a little review of it when you did Winking my eye
Dislexie    posted on 15-11-2007 21:57
I think the poll says it all... 75% for djm

Djm-800 also has full digital in/out, midi, and is the new clubstandard

So everywhere you go you'll feel right at home....
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Prozei    posted on 16-11-2007 20:12
i voted pioneer but i can't give you an opinion about the korg becauce i did not tryed the the korg.
but i can tell you spinnin on the pioneer feel so good.
Reind    posted on 16-11-2007 23:50
Poster: Dislexie
I think the poll says it all... 75% for djm

Djm-800 also has full digital in/out, midi, and is the new clubstandard

So everywhere you go you'll feel right at home....
The korg has an effect unit per channel, an master effect unit, a loop sampler, intergrated firewire soundcard (Traktor Scratch certified), digital output, better midi support than the DJM800, customizeble EQ, custamizeble line fader curves etcetera.... The korg is so much more than just an ordanairy effect mixer.

But if i had to make the choice.. i'll take the DJM-800 because the Korg is an mixer for geeks and people who can think while they spin some tracks Winking my eye
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Didier_Deluxe    posted on 17-11-2007 11:41

If you want to spend a lot of money for a mixer, watch for the new EVO 5 from ECLER.
it has:

- effects (fully editable)

- MIDI (fully editable)

- a TFT display

- digital in- and outputs

- easy to use (i suppose)
- firewire soundcard
- and it looks just awsome!

Ecler EVO 5

Click here for more info about the EVO 5.

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