Desperate need for help
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nelly    posted on 31-03-2005 05:19
I have posted a few times before but am still having trouble starting out

First of all i cant decide between CD or Vinyl

I am a student so cost is a major factor
the analog turntables are much cheaper, and i can get the second hand for about $1200 australian, and a mixer for another $300, which should get me going providing i have vinyls...i can also buy these in bulk second hand, i was offered a range of about 500 for nearly $1000

which takes the cost to about $2500
because this is second hand it has no warranty

now i was also offered

2 x S5000's brand new, shipped from the states for $2050 australian...all i need is to find a suitable mixer, and i already have a shitload of hip hop, dance and house music...only prob is warranty doesnt transfer over to australia

the costs will eventually work out to about the same with the ongoing cost of vinyls and maintence of the decks (if not more for analog)

the problem lies with, this, i prob wont do too much scratching even if i do play hip hop more, i would be more involved with mixing on house tracks.. so a few questions

by going digital will i miss out on a lot of available music that is on vinyl?
do digitals work as well for mixing house tracks as analog?
Do denons play data (mp3) cd's?
What would your suggestion be, taking into account cost, and music availability?
Is it easier to learn on digital then analog?

I know its alot, but i am really searching for a right answer, it is a lot of money for me, but i want to use it mainly in the nightclubs where i push button dj, where i believe digital is more suited, but i also want to branch out and play groove, funk,house to different crowds


What do you think about Desperate need for help ??

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TheSupercrab    posted on 31-03-2005 10:31
My advise would be if u can try it out. Boh vinyl and CD mixing.. It may be hard to judge since your only just starting, but u may find that u are a vinyl feel junkie.. or u may not be, depends on the person really. Another thing you should realize is that vinyl can be digitalised... So if you go for the CD players and u really want a vinyl track on cd u can just digitalize it. (you would need another Turntable for this though). Another thing about Music availabilty the legal MP3 market is expanding very rapdily. There are Alot of sites selling legal good quality MP3s now adays and their range is only gettting better. In the near future i would think that most music is available from these sites.. (Costs the artists less as well as there is none of the usual costs that comes with CDs/Vinyl so its only a matter of time till they all make their labels aviailable online). Another advantage of this system is that u pay per track. When you buy a vinyl you normally have 2 or 4 tracks and there is always the chance that some of these tracks you will never use. Even though you say you do not want to scratch it is very possible with the modern CD players. (the Denons and the Pioneers (beware the technics digital Turntables)). For ease of mixing i would have to say that CDs are easier. Especially the Cue functions on CD players makes it just that little bit easier and quicker to cue and cue accuratly. So Digital works just as well as vinyl (if not better) and to be honost there is alot more you can do with things such as loop. Denons DO play MP3. And i personally would suggest CD as all music on your pc you can burn and put in your sets. I have 2 Vinyl Turntables and they are great.. but with just a little bit of bias my Pioneer cd deck just lets me do more with the music i play.

Hope that helps.
Dusun    posted on 31-03-2005 20:21

I was asking myself the same question and I decided to start with vinyl. I know with CD the cost are less, except the starting cost because a good CD player is more expensive then a good turntable. The benefit of CD is that you can copy you're music from everywhere and there are many more ways to mix with your music then you can with vinyl.

For myself I've decided to begin with vinyl and later on buy some CD players, the reason why I choose for this is just personal and I can't explain it, maybe I just like the idea of mixing music with vinyl records instead of mixing with a CD. And when I buy a vinyl record it gives me more pleasure then buying a CD, a CD can be copied by everyone and a vinyl record not. But that's just my personal opinion.

Kind Regards,


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