I need a diagram how to connect amp and spkrs
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zeppelin    posted on 22-09-2007 15:07
So heres the deal.I know how to connect them when i have them but my dad wants to draw him a scheme how to connect the amp and speakers and a mixer together.So please if someone can draw on paint or else ?a small sketch how to connect amp,speakers,and the mixer together please.But be more specific .. i mean the cables goes where and the other cable goes where .. or if you cant draw it just write me the right way to connect what cable with what and etc .. please peeps from this diagram depends if im gonna have a setup or not ..
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Winston    posted on 22-09-2007 18:26

speaker left                      speaker right
      l__________   _________l
                         l l
                         l l

Always connect the left stereo channel with the left side of the cable. What's right and left is given with diferent codes:

left: white colour plugs and jacks / L / A
right: red colour plugs and jacks / R / B

For DJ mixers with only line outputs you use the line inputs of the amp.

I hope you'll get your set. But you can also choose active speakers so you won't need a seperate amp. Be careful when you make a decision because you have to know a little something about amplifier and speaker matching if you don't like to buy active speakers.
Tic Toc
zeppelin    posted on 22-09-2007 22:30
thanks a lot mate .. i have chosen my amp and speakers and they match ideal but i dont know are the speakers are active .. if you can give me the name of a pair good speakers .. like 80W or something .. but not more cuz .. the neighbours will be pissed .. :D and if they could be in the amount .. like 100 or 150 eur .. perfect.
thanks and .. will check back again later. Happy, laughing

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