trying to decide what ttables i should buy
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Vigil    posted on 24-03-2005 06:57
ecsis numark a good brand to use, i noticed they are cheaper on ebay but noone bids on them, i see the technics are alot more expensive but they have more bids. does it matter the brand, i'm guessing technics don't depreciate in value as much as numark.
please help
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What do you think about trying to decide what ttables i should buy ??

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DJ_Inspiration    posted on 24-03-2005 10:26
Hi there..

Technics is the world leading product for turntables. Numark is good for starters. The value of a technics is much higher than the numark. Technics is also known for the long life of his turntables. If you have the money for a technics, just buy the technics  

DJ Inspiration.
Vigil    posted on 24-03-2005 13:32
is a technics mk2 any good, it is an older one, btw are all panasonic technics direct drive?

technics mk2 sl 1200technics mk2 sl1200 buying it off ebay for 225$. looks like it's missing a needle.
mk5this is the other one getting it for about 435$. this is the sl mk5.
mixergetting this also behringer vmx 300 115$.

speakersgetting a couple of these ls 15" floor monitors, cost me about 200$

and the headphones and i should be set. i also went on and ordered about 30 vinyls ranging from tiesto to 50cent costs about 325$ but w/e. well just showing my starter kit i am open to advice.

btw is there a way i can hook my laptop up to the mixer to play mp3s? whenever i feel like resting when i spin lets say if i ever get hired for a party.

Also, anybody know a website i can order a burner that can hook up to a mixer to record select mixes?

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TheSupercrab    posted on 24-03-2005 14:28
Looks good except for that behringer Happy, laughing. In dutch we sometimes call Behringer Teringer which isent such a nice word ^^. Its jus not a ery reliable mixer and your faders have a high chance of going mental in a short time. Basically its got a low life expectancy. For that price u can get a much better mixer especially in america where everything is so bloody cheap (for us Euro users anyway Happy, laughing). Technics are great choice! For ur headphones i would advise going to a shop and trying a few.. if u look at the mid range ones its all about comfort more than one being significantly better than the other. Hope that helps.
Vigil    posted on 24-03-2005 14:33
ecswhat's a good mixer?

lol teringer

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TheSupercrab    posted on 24-03-2005 14:40
price range? For a starter mixer i would advise the Gemini ps-626i . Cheap and it has proven itself again and again. It has does not have any special features such as an effects unit or filters however if your just starting than these are not really requirements in your mixer. Ive had the gemini ps-626i for nearly a year now and must say i love it! Other good starter mixers are the Numarks.
Vigil    posted on 24-03-2005 14:44
gemini huh, sounds great. i should just buy the gemini dual cd player mixer combo. btw we are on at the same time u happen to have windows messenger or aol so i don't have to wait for ur response lol.
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TheSupercrab    posted on 24-03-2005 14:49

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