Numark DXM-06 and 09-need a feedback please
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zeppelin    posted on 11-09-2007 11:36
Well heres the deal .. i have to choose between those two mixers.But i have watched some videos of dxm06 and some ppl say that the volume control quality is bad,the output volume is not steady .. for the dxm09 i havent read bad comments yet but .. i need some other opinions .. i personaly prefer the dxm09 but im not sure are those problems are fixed and .. is there any big diffrence between them.
Please leave some feedback.
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What do you think about Numark DXM-06 and 09-need a feedback please ??

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Winston    posted on 11-09-2007 13:03
CDJ-200 is a nice thing for starters. The CDX has everything including features for scratching or turntablism.
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DaRoyal    posted on 11-09-2007 13:23
CDJ-200 also is a lot cheaper than a CDX. You can better compare the CDJ-200 with the Numark Axis-series. Happy, laughing
zeppelin    posted on 11-09-2007 15:51
what is the real price of the CDX?i have saw it for 448 eur on the net but wich in my country will be more like the price of cdj-100s here .. but in the cdx cost ~770 eur wich is a lot more ..
Winston    posted on 11-09-2007 21:11
Will you import the CDX yourself?
Tic Toc
Lead    posted on 12-09-2007 18:31
Please remember that warrenty is supplied by your seller of the product. If something will go wrong with the player you;ll have to send it back to tohmann.

And there is no 'real' price, this all depands on the shops you visit.
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zeppelin    posted on 13-09-2007 10:04
How can i check are thomann ship to my country?
zeppelin    posted on 25-09-2007 22:44
Please mates leave some feedback
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Sunrise8    posted on 25-09-2007 22:51
why is everybody talkin about a cdj 200. have you changed this topic to a numark topic zeppelin?
well here's my feedback: a friend of mine has the dxm 06 and is very happy with it and i can tell you, it's a nice mixer. but i prefer the dxm 09 myself. because it has 3 channel faders. so you can connect 3 tt's and 3 cd players. or 2 cd players and 1 tt if you don't want to switch over.
also the effects are better on the dxm 09  i've heard. so i would chose for the dxm 09. but the dxm 06 is also very good. and about the sound. never heard that at my friends place Happy, laughing
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pgreen    posted on 10-10-2007 04:01
 I did a outdoor party last week.  At the end of the gig during teardown, the freakin sprinklers came the way this was at a golf country they were more like water cannons.  Me and all my gear got soakin wet.  However, I don't know if there is any "actual" damage...I am concerned about future gigs and having problems...any ideas about compensation from the country club etc...has this ever happened to you?  what do I do?

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