need help TechnicsSL-Dz-1200 or CDJ-800Mk2
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basara    posted on 03-09-2007 20:30
i need someone who worked on these two players to compare them....i`m switching from turntables so......the music is techno and progressive trance.....thank you

What do you think about need help TechnicsSL-Dz-1200 or CDJ-800Mk2 ??

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Mforge    posted on 03-09-2007 20:34
well, all i can say is that pioneer is standard, and works the best for almost everybody, however when i see dave clarke rock the isn't without a reason.
its al about what you find works best
basara    posted on 03-09-2007 20:45
hehe...yeah...truth is im no clarke but he got me in that dilema
Sunrise8    posted on 03-09-2007 21:16
haha well basara, i'm spinning on the cdj 800 mk2 and they work very fine for me.
never worked with the technics but they look very fine. only the price of the technics is a bit higher so it will be better dan the pioneer to i think.
if you are turning that kind of music i think you can better take the technics i think, but see for yourself i say Happy, laughing
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Luxx    posted on 03-09-2007 21:26
the technics have some software issues wich still havent been completely solved. when you scratch en turn on the master tempo for example, you would get a very distorted digitalized sound. this is nog the case with pioneer cdj800. also, you will most probably find pioneer cdj's in a club rather then the technics sl dz1200. so you need to get used to the cdj's in a club everytime
Winston    posted on 04-09-2007 19:51
But Technics thinks that you should not use master tempo while scratching.

I would choose the CDJ-800 for your type of music. It can handle anything in that genre plus it looks like the CDJ-1000, the current professional standard.
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basara    posted on 06-09-2007 01:27
thanks people...if anyone has any more experiences put them in please
Meagher    posted on 28-10-2007 23:09
its gotta be the cdjs
Sylmaster    posted on 28-10-2007 23:26
Just sold my 1210's and bought 2x CDJ800. Best buy ever, it is like entering a new world after using the turntables for 12 years.
woudy    posted on 28-10-2007 23:28
I have the CDJ"s 800 mk2 they work kreat for me a friend of my has the technics but is going to buy the CDJ's because he only can get the CDJ feeling in clubs and cant practice much so it is a differnt feeling when he practicing at home and playing in the club.

If you dont want the same issue go for the CDJ'SWinking my eye

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