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JefW    posted on 31-08-2007 18:47
Allen & Heath Xone:42

The new Allen & Heath Xone42 mixer has the brands usual high quality build and sound as well as an assignable fx loop which can be combined with the assignable filter.

The Xone:42?s feature set is built around 4 dual-input stereo channels; channels 1 and 4 are phono/line, while channels 2 and 3 are line/line. All four channels have a powerful +6dB to total kill 3-band EQ, a 9-segment 3-colour bar meter, gain control, and 60mm VCA faders with illuminated X/Y crossfader selection. Xone?s legendary Voltage Control Filter is included on each channel via illuminated assignment switches, with selectable filter type, resonance, and frequency controls.
The mixer sports a new and original feature ? the ?X-FX? system - enabling an external effects processor to be easily interfaced. A single knob controls the proportion of the channel signal sent to the effects unit, from 0 to 100%, and the affected signal is returned to the main mix, or can be routed through the filter.

The Xone:42 incorporates a USB audio interface for easy connection to a computer and integration of digital media. It can be used to play back music files from a laptop and to record mixes from the Xone:42, or, when used with appropriate software, as a digital DJ effects unit that can be patched into the X-FX system. The USB input combines with an XLR microphone input to provide an additional channel with two band EQ and rotary level control.

The mixer also features a 45mm VCA crossfader with curve control, and a powerful monitoring section with split cue control, mix to cue, two headphone outputs (1/4? and 3.5mm), dedicated booth output, and balanced main mix outputs on XLR.

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djfuse    posted on 31-08-2007 18:53
lijkt me een leuk mixertjeCry, weet je de prijs ongeveerConfused
Jorrit    posted on 31-08-2007 18:59

This could be nice for the news section!

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DJ_Inspiration    posted on 31-08-2007 19:03
Lijkt me ook een leuk mixertje.
Ook erg benieuwd naar de prijs ervan.

[EDIT: In English]
Looks very nice.
I'm very curious about the price. 
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NielsR    posted on 31-08-2007 19:13
Now compare the new djm-700 with the new a&h witch is the bestCry
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JefW    posted on 31-08-2007 19:17
I posted this in the English forum cause I have find time yet to translate to dutch. It will be in shops soon and will cost +/- 1050 euro.
Luxx    posted on 31-08-2007 19:27

doesnt look that great at all. doesnt say anything about its performance but I Don't like the styling of it
Nvie    posted on 31-08-2007 19:30
If you can't find your way on that, you got to be stupid. Looks like a dressed off Xone:92 by the way. Hope it has the same superior A&H sound!
Twello    posted on 31-08-2007 19:32
Strange I can't find anything on the Xone site about this... nice mixer anyway Cry DJM-700 vs Xone 42 Cry
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Mforge    posted on 31-08-2007 19:45
well i have to agree, i dont like the lay out of the mixer also, with those filters above the faders, and the eq knobs so high and cramped, there is enough room on the mixer to set the knobs a little more apart.
i think the 700 will kill every brand in that price segment.
Renzis    posted on 31-08-2007 21:29
Ugly!! but i sure will be good, curious about some competition between this one and the new djm700
Nvie    posted on 01-09-2007 11:32
Will nock the DJM 700 of it's socks... it has USB support for PC to use it as a audiointerface. Something i would like to see on the DJM 800, and many with me.
DonBasco    posted on 01-09-2007 12:14
Poster: Nvie
Will nock the DJM 700 of it's socks... it has USB support for PC to use it as a audiointerface. Something i would like to see on the DJM 800, and many with me.
I dont agree at all, the DJM700 has a much wider range of features.  I dont like the effectsession of A&H. Its all based on frequencyfiltering and I dont see so much use in that. I prefer the roll- and echo-effects.
And dont forget the DJM700 also has midi-control.
D-wan    posted on 01-09-2007 12:33

I don't like the looks, but i'm sure it's another A&H quality mixer.

Mforge    posted on 01-09-2007 13:39
2 Don Basco : Frequency filtering is if you do it right the ultimate mixing tool, because you can mix so much smoother without using the eq. this is also possible with the 800 but it has no resonance control and the 700 only has 1 filter for 1 channel at the time.

and you can send thru midi via usb so the usb connection is very hany so you don't need a stand alone interface.

however, the looks of the thing are whack, and i think the placement of the knobs is not very well laid out, the feeling of the djm series, is standard along the series and that makes it nice for people to buy the improved version over another brand.
Sunrise8    posted on 01-09-2007 13:48
what an ugly thing, i don't like A&H mixers, they produce ugly mixer, maybe it is quality, but i would never buy it.
it looks a little bit childisch, al that colours of the rainbow on your mixer.
it don't seem to be expensive, but this is my oppinion.
but it is good of A&H that they keep bringing new products.

is this the concurent of the djm 700, because A&H brings this mixer just now on the market.

wat een lelijk ding, vind A&H zowiezo erg lelijke mixers maken, ut zal vast kwaliteit zijn, maar ik zou het NOOIT kopen.
ik vind het er heel kleuterachtig uitzien, als die kleuren van de regenboog op je mixer.
vind het er ook niet echt duur uitzien ofzo. maar dat is mijn mening
maar wel goed dat ook A&H vooruitgang blijft maken met nieuwe dingen op de markt te brengen.
is dit de concurent van djm 700 dat a&H deze nu op de markt brengt :P
Music made me who i am
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robbert    posted on 01-09-2007 13:58
Wat betreft vormgeving blijft deze mixer echt achter op de concurrentie. Erg gebruiksvriendelijk ziet het er ook niet uit..
Mforge    posted on 01-09-2007 16:14
what i also don't understand, is why the phono/line switch is in the middle between the gain and hf knob.

they should have put above the gain knob.
JefW    posted on 01-09-2007 18:37
they do it to make the dj use the gain knob less. It happens often a dj want to increase the volume irresponsable and by that going in the red. The xone:32 has gain knobs located at the back.

You can't really compare this mixer to the djm700. While Allen&Heath plessures its costumers with incredible faders, components and sound quality, Pioneer attracts more when it comes to effects.
Sunrise8    posted on 01-09-2007 19:18
i think you are right jefW. because on A&H's i don't really see very often effects.
on the pio mixers only 2 don't have effects. the djm 300 and 707 i believe.
all the other mixers have effects. :p
Music made me who i am
Vibemaster-D    posted on 01-09-2007 20:25
this is gonna be a hard battle versus pioneer DJM700
JefW    posted on 01-09-2007 20:43
there is no battle, you just choose what fits for yourself.

Jeff Mills likes playing with Vestax... is it because its better than Allen&Heath, Pioneer, Denon,...? No, its because he thinks its the best for him.
Xitrate    posted on 01-09-2007 20:53
Nicely said Jefw, true words Happy, laughing

I don't like it's looks also, but if you buy a mixer based on it's looks I wonder what kind of DJ you are.
I'm looking forward to see some good reviews about this mixer.
trudyvv    posted on 28-11-2007 11:44
time to give this topic a little kick!
opposed to what the most of you think, I actually like the looks! and I totally agree with JefW that it is hard to talk about competition with respect to the DJM-series, the Xone-series and for example the Dateq series. They all belong to different kind of dj. As I mostly mix in a kind of minimal/tech-house style, I like the filter-effects a lot, and the roll and echo-effects on a djm aren't of much use to me.
Is there anybody who has already tested de Xone:42? I'm very curious about it's performance, (sound)quality etc.
FrankH    posted on 06-12-2007 13:35
This mixer is very likely to be my next one. Within a week or two I'll go to a store to test it against a Nuo 5. But actually deep inside I allready know which one I'll take home with me Happy, laughing
bastianhecker    posted on 06-12-2007 14:50
i'm going with al the people who think this mixer is ugly:O! It will be good i'm shure but damn ugly it is!:D
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