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DeadPoolxl2k2    posted on 22-08-2007 21:34
hey all thought i could use a lil help im thinking bout adding a turntables to my dj set ive got 2 pioneer cdj 800s mk2 and a pioneer djm 600. Thinking bout adding turntables to my set but dont no what i should get. whats the best brand out there for turntables i hear good things bout technics and stantons which is prob what ill end up getting Cry

What do you think about question bout turntables ??

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mosthighsoundz    posted on 04-09-2008 12:22
Marrabas    posted on 04-09-2008 13:58
I have Stantons and they're very very good...I tryed the technics and they aren't much better...the stanton cartridge is better than the technics'...the important thing is the direct drive...and the high can find a good stanton about 300-400 euros...
TuningTwentyfive    posted on 12-09-2009 03:07
Technics for turntables
Pioneer for Cd players
Tekhead    posted on 12-09-2009 03:42
all technics
Floated on the waves of Fantasy, see my dream come true
Mixt-Ape    posted on 12-09-2009 16:55
Technics dude! Stay away from anything else...
Ziax    posted on 12-09-2009 17:23
Stanton is also my choise. The T-150's are amazing.
By the same reasons as marrabas
Mixt-Ape    posted on 13-09-2009 13:13
I used to have a pair of Stanton ST-150's...
At the time I thought they were the best decks out there, but that was just because I didn't know any better... seriously, get Technics decks!

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