Fader Start from Pioneer DJM 909
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PlanetSutcliffe    posted on 13-08-2007 13:34
I have an idea that the fader start function on the Pioneer DJM 909

(usually used with a control cord and various Pioneer CDJs),

could be used to remote start the Vestax PDX2000 turntables.?

The PDX2000 have a remote start jack input which is the same size (8thinch-Headphone jack) as the fader start output jack on the Pioneer DJM 909.?

The PDX2000's manual states that this remote jack can be used with a footswitch to remotely switch the start/stop function of the turntable.? However that is all the manual says, it is pretty light on info about what sort of control message the footswitch outputs.

Since the jacks are the same size and the start/stop message pretty similar I think the Pioneer could possibly send a start/stop message to the PDX2000 with the fader start function on.

Anyone else think this could work?
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What do you think about Fader Start from Pioneer DJM 909 ??

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Luxx    posted on 13-08-2007 13:56
why dont you just try it out, it might work
Cyspoz    posted on 13-08-2007 14:09
It will work, but depends on one thing. If it needs a make or brake contact. You can find this in the documentation or by looking at the schema's in your documentation. But like Luxx said, you could just try it out. It is safe to try.
Lead    posted on 13-08-2007 14:58
Have you seen this topic : Pioneer CDJ/DJM faderstart.

Probably the info you're looking for is there. The Pioneer's work with a mono mini jack connector, it send out a 5V pulso over this lead to send the player to Play or Cue mode.
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PlanetSutcliffe    posted on 14-08-2007 12:51
Well,  I tried it with a standard stereo mini jack (I don't have the pioneer CDJs so no control cord from them) and it works!  Cool!
It sends both a start and a stop message in this order:

Fader ON= Start     Fader OFF= still turning     Fader ON (again)= Stop.

I'm going to try a Mono cable at some point to see if this makes any difference.  I think reversing the polarity of the cable would only reverse the order of operation.

Vibemaster-D    posted on 14-08-2007 17:41
but isn't it more handier

Fader on=start
fader off = stop

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