Technics SL-DZ1200 Sd card issues
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ACE_OF_CLUBS    posted on 31-01-2005 00:23
i just bought the Technics sl-dz1200 and i love it. except i need help from somone that has used this piece of equiptment before.

Do you need technics specific software to be able to load mp3's onto your sd card from your computer so the technics can read it when you insert teh card back into the memory slot on the technics? because when i load mp3s onto my card and then insert it into the sd card slot it says 'no sd audio tracks'.

PS, Called technics customer service and they were no help.

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Lead    posted on 31-01-2005 01:55
Let the BASS be louder
jordy    posted on 31-01-2005 02:28
gecondoleerd met je aankoop

any problems with sounds while scratching? or did they fix the "bug"Confused
Lead    posted on 31-01-2005 09:31
nope, nothing has been updated in that way since introduction. And to what I've understood there are not even plans to update it (Technics doesn't seee this as a flaw in design)
Let the BASS be louder
DJ-Emotion    posted on 31-01-2005 10:59


Called technics customer service and they were no help.

Now why doesnt that supprise me......
Try DMC better change with them I gues...
MadSteven    posted on 11-04-2005 01:43
Poster: Lead
(Technics doesn't seee this as a flaw in design)

They don't? There goes my distorted image of Technics - the great DJ company...

So, my out-of-the head top recommendations of decks are now:

Numark TT-X, Vestax (the one with 50 % pitchcontrol) for phono and Pioneer CDJ-1000Mk2, Numark CD-X or Denon S5000 for CD.

Bey Technics. Sure, their products are still fine, but I think Numark, Denon, Pioneer and Vestax have taken over the market in Technics was the best once.
jordy    posted on 11-04-2005 19:02
trancegroove    posted on 26-04-2005 00:08
Yes you need special software.

You need to get SD Jukebox ( at least that's what it says in the manuel I believe)

But unfortunately SD Jukebox is some mysterious software that exists in theory, or you can get it bundled with some mp3 players. I have searched for it....but...with no luck. friend said that the software is built into the DZ1200. He copies samples that he takes from the CD to the SD card directly while in the DZ1200 since he doesn't have a SD card reader on his you have to copy all your music to a CD first....YAY!!!


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lmols    posted on 18-05-2005 19:48
You definitely need the SD Jukebox software, because the SLDZ1200 will only play SECURE MP3 and Secure AAC files from SD card.
Furthermore, you need a Panasonic/Technics approved card reader/writer, not all generic ones work with the software (you need an SDMI compliant reader/writer).

You cannot simply copy a MP3 file to the SD card and play it.
The file needs to be in a specific directory (hidden directory called SD_AUDIO) and have special filenames, as well as a playlist file (audio files are called A0Bxxx.SA1 and the playlist is in 2 files: SD_AUDIO.PLM and SD_AUDIO.TKM

You can use the SD card without an SD reader/writer, but in that case you can only use it for storing samples (32 seconds max) and so called Panel Data (loop and cue point info)
ProgressKiev    posted on 05-11-2005 06:53
Hi there! Just want to ask where I can get the program Jukebox for SL-DZ1200 because I can't use SD cards also. Thx a lot for your help! Have a nice day!
ilseentje    posted on 05-11-2005 08:29
you can get it [ here ! ]

have a nice day to
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