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LiNk_    posted on 24-01-2005 14:06
Hello everyone

My question may look a litlle bit strange...

is there anyone from Germany?
its because I'm going to buy a dual CD-player to a friend of mine (Hollywood DJ-X3, only avaible in Germany)

I need to know if anyone from there knows anything about this product...

thank you
keep'em spinning
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Lead    posted on 24-01-2005 16:15
Sorry, I don't know this, also the brand is something I've never heard from before.

I hope you don't have to pay a lot of money, because I would doubt if it is worth all trouble.

I've done a Google Search for this product and found some info. The price seems to be around the 200 euro. It seems like a pretty basic unit at reasonable low cost.

I don't think you should suspect top or medium level quality, the price can never make that. But for started it could be a very nice one....
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LiNk_    posted on 24-01-2005 16:31
hmm ok txs Winking my eye

Anyway, here are its characteristics: (i forgot to put them on the other post)

jog dial
instant start
autocue play
Digital Output
CD-R Compatible
Pitch +/- 12%

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DJ-Emotion    posted on 24-01-2005 16:38
To Be Honest, I dont think this product wil get you anything near proffesional DJ-ing
I dont know what is you motivation to Buy such a machine but if you are a Starting DJ and want to have resonable machines for a resonable price your better of buying the CDJ100.
You are able to make a prof DJ set with your mixing skills with these machines.
However my advise is go to a DJ reseller point and Play with them yourselfs....
Than you can "feel" the difference.
I know theres a gap in the price comparing to the Hollywood system.
However after one year you want proffesional stuff anyway...
So you 200 Euro is lost.


DJ Emotion
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LiNk_    posted on 24-01-2005 17:10

I think I didnt explained very well this whole situation on the other 2 Forum_posts :P
I am no professional DJ...
I'm 16 yrs old, I wanna start DJing, and I dont have enough money to buy something better...I mean, I have 450?
As I am a newbie in all this sutff (not completely new, I have some aknowledgements...I've been in DJ workshops, I've seen some friends working with that stuff, etc), I dont want to buy something professional...So i think this would be ok for me...
one more reason I am interested in this cd player is that I still want to buy a good mixer, and if i spend money in things like the CDJ100 (I dont know if its a big difference of prizes between Holland and Portugal, but here a CDJ100 costs 400?) I would run out of money imedeatily!

and sorry my bad english
Lead    posted on 24-01-2005 18:59
and sorry for my bad english

that's no problem, you can make yourselve pretty  Winking my eye

But now you're making yourselves more clear. Whithin your budget there are plenty of nice gear's that you can buy. '

You can go for this DJ console (hollywood DJ-X3) but must know that when you would buy that machine it might break down within a year or 2-3. But because I've never seen or used this piece of equipment I can't give a fair judgement over it.
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Jorrit    posted on 24-01-2005 20:47
it is very wise to start with basic units, and then see if you like dj'ing... If you don't: you didn't invest to much mony on something you didn't like after all!
gennady    posted on 24-01-2005 20:48
LiNk_    posted on 24-01-2005 21:24
Winking my eye

thanks for yor help Winking my eye

I'm out Happy, laughing
Lead    posted on 25-01-2005 01:54
What did you do or buy ??

You shared your problem... .  why not share the solution
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LiNk_    posted on 25-01-2005 13:46
lol sorry you're right

I might buy it, but now we're still trying to get to a reasonable prize
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TheSupercrab    posted on 25-01-2005 14:04

Happy, laughing. Got a quick question as well bout my new CDJ 800... when looping just before a break.. (say 4 beats) and u half the loop.. then quarter it, then 1/8th it... is there any way of making the 1/8th loop exit at the end of the origional full 4 beat loop?? Thus from the .5 beat loop created with the halfing functions to the a exit from the end of the normal 1 (4 beat) loop?


Lead    posted on 25-01-2005 14:32
Hmmm.... it seems to me at this moment that this is NOT possible. I'll try and see if I can find a workaround..... but here I don't have a CDJ800 at hand Thumbs Up

I'll get back on this Happy, laughing
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TheSupercrab    posted on 25-01-2005 15:19

jammer... dan toch maar 2de cdj 800 Happy, laughing kan het met cdj 1000tje wel?


Jorrit    posted on 25-01-2005 20:42

als ik je goed begrijp wil je een soort beat loop, waar de loop steeds kleiner wordt, maar naar het loop out punt ipv. het loop in punt...
CDJ-1000 heeft zowizo geen beat loop, maar wel een loop IN adjust, dus daarmee zou dat kunnen...

Lead    posted on 26-01-2005 00:07
I figured out what you mean.

Pioneer CDJ800 BeatCut Function

When a beat is made over 4 beats, and the beat is cut in half. When you press Reloop/Exit in the RED area to CDJ will just continue playing from that point onward. 

Supercrab wants that the CDJ exits the loop at the original Loop Out Point. That makes some sense...

I checked it out an I cannot find a way to perform what you mean, the CDJ-200 reacts this way to so I think it is engineerd that way. I'll see what I can find out....

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tekno1    posted on 01-03-2005 05:56

Poster: gennady

 Right on!  Also,  and another is  You can find a ton of ONLINE ONLY retailers that have closeout/blowout sales that are awsome, but you have to look in the closeout bins... scratch and dent?  Who cares?  It still has Manufacturer's warranty!  AND they LOVE TO PRICE MATCH!  Find a lower price elsewhere?  They will do their best to beat it - free shipping, free accessories, etc.  However, you need to be willing to make some fone calls and do some research.  If by chance you find the equipment at a slammin' price but it's out of the country, make friends with someone in THAT country, pay the retailer over internet (or use an escrow service) and have your friend ship it to you as a gift - eliminating the import taxes!    And lastly, old fatihful is Ebay, that's where I just landed my DJM-3000 for less than half of retail.  Word!  Lead, you're a feak for even knowing that info in that last post! 

Lead    posted on 01-03-2005 09:39

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TheSupercrab    posted on 01-03-2005 17:46

Happy, laughing He does work for pioneer.. so it does make some sense.. but yeah Lead is a genious :P

tekno1    posted on 01-03-2005 23:59


TheSupercrab    posted on 30-03-2005 17:47
U had any luck with my previous question Lead?? And is it possible with the cdj200?
Lead    posted on 30-03-2005 19:16
I checked with the 800, but it doesn't work in it. You can only continue playing (exiting) the loop. The same for the CDJ-200, but it would be nice it this would be included sometime.
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ludo    posted on 01-04-2005 16:39
can you make the jet effect on the cdj200s go faster like changing its parmeter??
Lead    posted on 01-04-2005 16:44
if you rotate the jogwheel clockwise you inclease the 'speed' of the fluctuations of the Jet... so Yes, it should be possible.
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