new Digital technics SL-DZ1200
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DjSL    posted on 21-12-2004 08:56
How are the?new Digital technics working out for the people that bought this product?
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What do you think about new Digital technics SL-DZ1200 ??

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Lead    posted on 21-12-2004 09:55
- Scratch sound is not so good, I can hear the samplerate of the A/D or D/A converters, this usually occures when sample rate is very low, Technics don't specify them anywhere.
- Key Lock is awfully bad
- Loading time is pretty long
- limited amount of storage space for Cue's and Loops on the card.
- limited range of MP3 compression that can be played by it. If you include MP3 I think Technics should include all bitranges.

These are just my short thoughts.....

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TheSupercrab    posted on 21-12-2004 16:39
if u want to spend that much cash on Digital turntables.. there is only 1 choice.. get ur self a pair of cdj1000 mk2s..
music3000    posted on 22-12-2004 21:22
Digital technics 1200 is bad!

Hope "Digital technics II" come on !
jordy    posted on 27-12-2004 00:55

well... i rather see technics do nothing in digital decks... cuzz they deny everything on the sl-dz1200... i even called the headoffice to check... they would call me back within 2 weeks... 3 months have passed now... still nothing

technics plz dont try to go digital again... stay the way u are... only cheaper if possible

Basrose    posted on 07-01-2005 00:09
iv tested the numark cdx the technics and the pioneer cdj1000

The techics

Buttons too small
Dont like the plate on top
little slow

Great effects
Verry big
Verry ugly

I love this one.. no mp3 support but who cares...
Great to work with easy and fast.
jordy    posted on 07-01-2005 02:11
indeed bas rose
W.i.M    posted on 08-01-2005 12:49
Poster: DJ-BasRose
iv tested the numark cdx the technics and the pioneer cdj1000

The techics

Buttons too small
Dont like the plate on top
little slow

Great effects
Verry big
Verry ugly

I love this one.. no mp3 support but who cares...
Great to work with easy and fast.

Indeed mine opinion but I want to add that the platter
on the Cdx is great, but yes he is big and very ugly
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
ACE_OF_CLUBS    posted on 31-01-2005 00:20
i just bought the technics sl-dz1200 and i love it. except i need help from somone that has used this piece of equiptment before. do you need technics specific software to be able to load mp3's onto your sd card from your computer so the technics can read it?  because when i load mp3s onto my card and then insert it into the sd card slot it says "no sd audio tracks". PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Lead    posted on 31-01-2005 01:54
To write MP3 on a SD card does require special software. This has got to do with the copyrights. Perhaps you can download it from the Technics support website ?

Maybe you can find something here :

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MadSteven    posted on 31-03-2005 19:43
Personally, I think the Numark CD-X looks awesome, but opinion differs from people to people and gear that some people find 'ugly' never stopped me from buying them.
Ricco    posted on 13-04-2005 18:23
Hi everyone, here my personal opinion:

Technic looks good, but heard too much bad press.

I know someone who has a pair of Pioneers and loves them (memory stick and all that). Expensive and no MP3 support though.

I bought a pair of CDX's last week for £970 and am amazed how similar it is to vinyl!  One thing that I would agree with you boys is the look (big and 'plasticy'), but what the f**k your mixing and having fun, not taking photos of it!  Loads of features and you don't have to re-educate yourself that much as the 12" spins to the music and is IDENTICAL to vinyl, scratching the lot!

Also having 160 of whatever song you want on 1 CD  means very little swapping of CD if none at all!  It also displays the file name so you dont need to look up the track number.  No more heavy boxes/crates!

Of course Im biased and would one day consider get a pair of CDJ1000 MKII, but for under a grand you cant go wrong - also the sound quality is great!  I was a bit wary at first, but don't know why I was now!

Well done Numark - you just need a sexier model! Happy, laughing

By the way I don't work for them, just a happy DJ!!

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jordy    posted on 13-04-2005 18:50
i like swapping

like vinyl and cd both! but very don't like MP3

and indeed CDX is a great player, just liked non-moving platter more  

Lead    posted on 13-04-2005 23:50
Agree to that Winking my eye

CDX is a good player with nice features, but once you get used to the CDJ
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RIPCLAW    posted on 29-05-2005 11:12
What's up guy's,
i'm new to the forum and came across this topic.

i also want to add 2 CD DJ Player to my set,
There are four types that are in my head to choose from,
the technics sl-dz1200, Pioneer CDJ1000 MKII, Numark CD-X and the Demon DN-s5000

Guy's what do you think about the Demon- s5000?
and also wich of these players is the best and close to the 12" SL-1200 MKII

with regards,

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Ves    posted on 29-05-2005 11:27
well the sl-dz is closes to the mkII, but the numark has the vinyl feeling. the cdj is more of a cd player then digital turntable (like the technics and numark) don't know much about the denon except that it has an alpha function
DjDM    posted on 20-12-2006 22:52
Klonic    posted on 20-12-2006 23:17
Now you can buy a MK3, wich is just the best! If you want to have an other one, I would buy a CDJ-800 and if you want fx, then you could buy a Denon DN-S3500
Jorrit    posted on 20-12-2006 23:46
Poster: DjDM
I like your good argumentation! :D
LauW    posted on 21-12-2006 00:06
Klonic    posted on 22-12-2006 15:47
Winston    posted on 05-01-2007 13:17
Poster: Lead
also read this topic ////

If you read this, maybe you would also like to watch:
 Technics Official Website  >video SL-DZ1200.

Beside its "flaws" it has some distinctive (meaning you won't find those at any other player) features that may appeal to some DJ's.

Free Wheel
Not available on jog dial CD decks, this feature gives you the ability to free wheel or coast like on an analog deck with the push of a button.

SD Memory Card
The card is a removable, reusable device is capable of holding hours of media. Using the SZ-CB8 SD Audio Recording Kit, you can store your samples, scratches, breaks-even whole albums-and play an entire set using just a couple SD memory cards.

Cue/Cue Bank/Cue/Pads
The SL-DZ1200 lets you find a cue point, save it and return to it at the touch of a button. Four self-illuminating cue pads allow you to set, save and seamlessly cue from exactly the point of your choice. It can memorize 50 sets (more if stored on an SD card) of 10 cue points as individual "albums." Each "album" also stores your settings for the four cue pads, loop points, auto cue condition and effects. As soon as your SD memory card or disc is loaded, your pre-saved settings are instantly available.

Sample Pads/Sample Looping
Sample pads allow for editing, overlapping and playing back multiple samples. By sampling musical phrases, using the editing function to set the In and Out points, looping and mixing various samples, you can play the SL-DZ1200 like an instrument and use it to create original compositions.

The last two features you will find in a far less advanced versions on other decks.

If these unique, distinctive features are more important than its flaws compared to other brands of cd players, you may like the SL-DZ1200.
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