Can Mk5G arm assy be installed in Mk2
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stocker    posted on 29-11-2006 16:26
I've got a Mk2, I'm thinking of getting a Mk5g better arm and mroe anti-skate to be installed in my Mk2, is this possible, plug and play job?

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Lead    posted on 29-11-2006 16:33
I think that all arm assys of Technics turntables are alike. To know for sure you should check with somebody from Technics, but I think those parts can be exchanged.

I'm not aware that Technics has improved the quality and amount of skating in their latest arms though...

changing the arm on you deck is not a job for starters. You should be able to deal with a soldering welt and some screwdrivers in order to replace it. This is NOT something I would reccommand doing when you've never done it before. The arm is the heart of your turntable. Messing it up could destroy your deck.

This is NOT an easy job !
Let the BASS be louder
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Camino    posted on 29-11-2006 16:52
You want to change the entire upholstering for your arm? Like Lead said; thats not at all an easy job... i wasnt even aware that you could buy those components seperately. Changing the arm itself shouldnt be a problem, but everything that comes with it... good luck
MauriceForge    posted on 29-11-2006 19:07
The mk5g turntable arm base is different from the mk2 so i don't think this is possible
Progrezz    posted on 29-11-2006 20:40
you could better just sell your mk2's, go to ebay, buy a couple of mk5g's and that would probably be cheaper then buying new arms

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