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LiNk_    posted on 28-10-2006 19:42

I have a crappy double CD player and I want to get rid of it and buy a new cd player... And i was thinking that maybe ill buy the Reloop RCD 900 s.

my question is : has anyone here tried it out? Is it good?
What other players, with a similar price and characteristics, do you recomend?

I already control the BPMs and the EQ and now i want to go to use some effects, loops, acapelas, etc

What do you recomend?

Thanks in advance

Winston    posted on 29-10-2006 01:51
I would recommend the Stanton C.314. Check out
DJResource>Forums>DJGear>Stanton C.314
DJresource>News>Stanton C.314

Ooops, I see there's a lot in dutch. So I give you in englisch a few comments.

In my opinion the major benifits are:
Size and layout have great similarities with the industry standard Pioneer CDJ-1000.
Also the main controls are operated just like the CDJ-1000.
More samples and loops in 4 banks that are positioned where it is best, that's in front.
Lay-out is neatly arranged.
Looks great.
Tic Toc
LiNk_    posted on 29-10-2006 23:39
Hmm thank you, those seem to be really nice

The only problem is ... I don't know how about in other countries, but here in Portugal it's a bit more expensive than the RCD 900

But thanks a lot, anyway Who knows, maybe I'll gather a few more Euros and I'll buy those

But if someone else could give me some information about the RCD 900 or other similar CD player, I would be very thankful


One other thing I noticed is that there are other CD players that are exactly like the RCD 900...

For example, the Akiyama CDX 300.

This is the Reloop RCD 900 s:

And this is the Akiyama CDX 300:

They are EXACTLY the same!

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Like, this is a (low quality?) pre-defined model that is distributed for different brands?
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Lapa    posted on 31-10-2006 14:24
lo Portuguese mate :P

what about the numark axis 9 range ?

seems to me a very good product/price !! take a look , test drive it !! or ofc save some money and go for pioneer product , cdj 200 rox !!
Camino    posted on 31-10-2006 15:20
This phenomenon of many brands coming out with the same product (or almost the same) is known as OEM. It is just a means of conducting business - small companies sharing research&development costs... It is not at all a bad thing - in fact, the best (in almost all aspects) turntables are also OEM's, from the same group of companies. You might have heard of the Synq XTRM-1 turntable, thats one of them. Don't at all let the fact that a product is made with different paint coatings and brandnames keep you from buying its.

I have not used the CD player extensively enough myself to give a propper judgement. However, I have read in DJmag in the beginning of this year that its a very nice player, with only 3 major concerns: "effects fiddly to control" "filter a bit dull-sounding" and "we found the jog-wheel to be a bit unresponsive"

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