Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Creation Station!
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Poll : VRX - 2000 Handy?? Or A Total Waste Of Money?

-Totally Useless!
-A Major Waste Of Well Earned Money!
-Nice.. Ile buy one imediatley!
-Very Handy!
-Very Handy.. But.. Not For Me!!

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Laidback    posted on 14-09-2006 15:26
I Came across this nice little Piece of Equipment when i was sufin the web @ school!.

i dont know if this is allready out a long while ..
but i havent seen it Before yet! Happy, laughing

Lil. Review. put togheter in my nice Free School time :P
English class .. whehe Winking my eye

the VRX-2000 allows experienced professional users the ability to easily and accurately produce classic vinyl with acoustic warmth and a durable quality similar to that of commercially cut vinyl.
The VRX-2000 is a professional level recording device designed for those with knowledge of mastering and music production.
Individual users will need purposeful training and practice in order to produce perfect professional quality recordings on a regular basis

  • Records in real time from any external sound source fed through either a power amp or mixer, by cutting onto special Vestax vinyl blanks at speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.
  • Cut at 33 1/3, each vinyl blank has a total playing time of between 26 and 30 minutes.
  • Recorded properly, the superb sound and individual warmth of each take/track ?is more than durable enough to handle repeated playing and even scratching.
  • Each production is able to be played back instantly through the onboard ASTS tone-arm.
  • VU Meter(s) and Input Level adjust.

To produce fine recordings on the VRX-2000 will require close scrutiny of the input level(s). Wide frequency dispersion left unadjusted may result in a damaged cutting head or a bad sounding cut.

  • Line In -10dBV (unbalanced RCA) / -10dBV/0dBV/+4dBV (balanced XLR connector)
  • Phono Out -45dBV (RCA)
  • Cutting Head Original V-Drive System VCH-1
  • Stylus Angle @+15
  • Stylus Pressure @0.30
  • Air Cool Down System
  • Cutting Arm riginal Static Balance Arm / Track Pitch Syste
  • Cutting Stylus Sapphire / 4ohm Nichrome Heat Wire / Life Time 224min (approx)
  • Built-in Power Amp 80W + 80W
  • Tonearm A.S.T.S (Anti Skipping Tonearm System
  • Dimensions / Weigh 755(W) x 285(H) x 510(D)mm / 26.5kg
  • Power AC120V / 230V

and yes.. this can be used as a Normal Turntable..

Are you Intrested ?
well.. you better have a Grand? Bank Account! ?The Machine it self costs : ? 9000.- ex
But the Cutting head has to be replaced every 300 Hours (Recording Hours!)?wich costs 375,- ex
The emty records will cost you around ?20.00 euro's

Pictures :

< The Head! Happy, laughing

Well.. it looks like an handy machine?to bring out your own Unique Vinyl's !
but for the other stuff.. Totally Useless!. a Total waste Of money!
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What do you think about Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Creation Station! ??

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gethigh    posted on 14-09-2006 15:30
if you let a vinyl get pressed somewhere it costs you about 50 euro

you do tha math

edit, i think this is just a low budget vinyl burning machine
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lolbroek    posted on 14-09-2006 16:04
It's a laquer, which means it isnt really vinyl, but wax (yes real wax, the candles shit) After playing the record 15 - 20 times the grooves have widened up so much, that you won't get good audio anymore. Ofcourse, you've never had REAL good audio, because the frequencies it records are limited to 12.000 hz. Not really much.

The best thing to do is te have someone else press your REAL record, it might cost a bit, but mostly it's worth it!
gethigh    posted on 14-09-2006 17:08
so that means its a real peace of shit
teddyaakre    posted on 13-10-2006 22:05
Nah.. you also get 100 records, and 4 heads when you buy it.. so it can save smaller companies time and effort.. or at least get them started
Margi    posted on 13-10-2006 22:36
Way to much money for that crap, if you really want to press your own vinyl, you should look out for something better

gethigh    posted on 13-10-2006 22:38
vinyl is supposed to be pressed with a mall

these wax vinyls are not meant to be played alot, just as an example to press them om pvc

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