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sentinelz    posted on 13-08-2004 14:01
hi we are the space sentinelz from the uk and run the label twistedtraxx. space sentinelz dj set to download go direct to our site for 2 new mixes.also 4 new trax to download and play and if thats not enough ringtones and screensavers 2.


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Lead    posted on 13-08-2004 15:46
On the forums I can only find .RAM files.... and I don't have Real Player (that got so nested in windows that you can never remove it again)... any idea how to play those files without having to install the full RealPlayer ??
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sentinelz    posted on 13-08-2004 16:26
not sure myself,if you pm me your address i will send you one?
Lead    posted on 13-08-2004 17:09
Yeah, MP3 is the ruling format for me Happy, laughing

U can reach me : lead at djresource dot nl (I hate spam-spiders :D)
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TheCrab    posted on 13-08-2004 19:07
most dutchies prolly know it.. but this site is also great for DJ set downloads.. Great way to learn by listening!
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W.i.M    posted on 15-08-2004 01:01
Nice links
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
sentinelz    posted on 17-08-2004 08:55
no probs
Lead    posted on 22-08-2004 12:01
Twisted Trax.... I cant find anything to check. All download are broken and the forum redirects to a webshop....

htfr.... Shop with almost everything..... Nice but in UK and I couldn't find their shipping costs. Great link.... now downloading a set from Sander Kleinenberg.
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sentinelz    posted on 29-08-2004 00:36

on our forum page,go to bottom and you will see space sentinelz in downloads section

sentinelz    posted on 30-10-2004 21:38
quicker way to go to space sentinelz dj set download is here- 
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TheSupercrab    posted on 01-11-2004 11:33

For UK record store HTFR is good.. but expensive.. they do have alot and can get u pretty much anything. However for cheaper records go to
Very cheap very fast Happy, laughing.

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sentinelz    posted on 20-12-2004 13:14
sentinelz    posted on 27-01-2005 09:02
quicker link at top of page,new mix coming soon
sentinelz    posted on 06-07-2005 00:25
new mix up and running
Jorrit    posted on 06-07-2005 12:45
Lekkerlui is a greaat link indeed!!!

But one thing bothers me... they don't have Benjamin Bates live @ sensation 2004... Man, that's a great set... but I can't find it anywhere...
denricco    posted on 06-07-2005 16:57
check (you'll have to register) for many livesets / dj mixes (go to the forums)
sentinelz    posted on 14-05-2006 12:10
lots of stuff updated on our site
the-melody    posted on 14-05-2006 17:32
also you can check the podcast of id&t dance tunes. you'll have to registerWinking my eye

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