New Denon DN-S1000 CD gear...
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Dogg    posted on 11-08-2004 22:51
As you can see on the video there are also releasing 2 new mixers...
I really can't wait for new Pioneer products
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What do you think about New Denon DN-S1000 CD gear... ??

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Lead    posted on 12-08-2004 09:06
Ziet er wel cool uit, klein compact... ben benieuwd hoe ze dan ook zullen werken....
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Dogg    posted on 12-08-2004 15:17
No moving platter... cheap...
Lead    posted on 12-08-2004 17:05
Yeah, not something that I would switch to, but it looks like nice equipment..... Just curious about price and exact features...
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Jorrit    posted on 12-08-2004 19:36
yep, i'm really interested in what you are going to pay 4 it!
I dont really like the look, somehow the design of the denon players make the player look real high...

A strange thing in the videoclip (mixer) was that they introduce '3 band eq' like that's woldsfirst
Dogg    posted on 14-08-2004 13:30
According to Denon, around USD400...
John_Bee    posted on 15-08-2004 22:03
Thats cool!
Denon makes more & more powerfull devices. Bad ideas to change my Pioneer 800's on Denon attend me in increasing frequency.
4 Dogg
About Moving Platter. . . It is not primary advantage of Denon. I think, scratch must be performed on real vinyl turntable.
W.i.M    posted on 15-08-2004 22:15
$400 dollars ??

Thats not much..
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
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John_Bee    posted on 15-08-2004 22:22
Not much. . . It's very cheaply! I don't believe in it.
gwarno    posted on 25-03-2005 09:42

It's a very cool nice player, nice and useful features, and very high quality!!!
Lead    posted on 25-03-2005 19:30
I find the jog not so good, you clearly feel the click from the switch and you have to press is very hard. The feel of the player overall is a bit plastic-like...
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MadSteven    posted on 10-04-2005 02:21
Not really a scratch cd-player - I would say the Numark Axis 9 beats it on this front. Both are actually budget class in scratching terms, but the Axis has 4 modes and the jog feels... nicer? Can't explain.

But then again, the Denon S3000 and S5000 are somewhat upper middle class, while the Pioneer CDJ1000mk2 and 800 are lower middle class. Numark CD-X is the high class... All in view of scratching of course.

For non-scratching purposes, I'd say this cd-player is excellent for its price.
(Personally, I think the Axis 9 is the better alternative still, though - and beauty is within the eye of the beholder )
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Lead    posted on 10-04-2005 10:03
2 Madsteven : Nice signature !
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djmarco23    posted on 19-06-2005 22:51
I myself owns the numark cdn-88 but if i knew then what i know today i would spend my money on the cdj-1000 in a heart beat   But on the otherhand now i know what to buy next Winking my eye

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