Ultrasone DJ1 Pro
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fuske    posted on 26-08-2006 23:47
Hello djresource members.
I am to buy myself a pair of headphones and I've been looking at these ones (Ultrasone DJ1 Pro).
So I was wondering if there is anyone who has any experiences with them, good or bad.

Thank you.

What do you think about Ultrasone DJ1 Pro ??

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Thomz    posted on 27-08-2006 00:05
I've never sawed that hp before, but I think you should better watch four another hp. It has a reason why don't know the hp
What is your budget?
Winston    posted on 27-08-2006 00:54
But according to its price, that is around 200 euro's, and its specs it must be great. But the headband looks a lot like of the Stanton DJ PRO 2000.
It also has low radiation shielding claims the manufacturer  I didn't know DJ's were an endangered species.

With regard to sound quality try to listen yourself. With regard to breaking headbands etc. you can get 2 year warranty.

Here are the specs (source ultrasoneusa.com):

Tech Specs
Open headphone
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound System
Dynamic principle
Frequency range 10Hz – 22kHz
Impedance 64 Ohm
Sound pressure level 102 dB
Driver 50mm mylar
Reduced Magnetic Emissions Standard
ULE Standard
Weight 285g
Long term availability of spare parts
Recommended Burn-in time: 4 to 8 hours

DJ1 Pro box contains:

Two detachable cables one coiled and one coiled with remote
Coiled <3m with gold plated jacks.
6.3mm (1/4&rdquoWinking my eye to 3.5mm (1/8th&rdquoWinking my eye gold plated adapter included.
Spare pair of speed switch earpads
Demo CD
Carrying bag

Tic Toc
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fuske    posted on 27-08-2006 13:28
Hehe yes I wasn't going to buy the headphones from that site, I just needed a picture Winking my eye
My budget is around €150, there's a swedish site selling them for that price, but I would like some comments from people who've used them first. From what I cen tell by people who's reviewed them, there are almost only good things to say.
I've tried Sonys V700 but they didn't fit very goood, and I'm yet to try the HDJ-1000 from Pioneer.
Camino    posted on 27-08-2006 13:59
Poster: Winston
It also has low radiation shielding claims the manufacturer I didn't know DJ's were an endangered species.


I think in this case the radiation sheilding refers to magnetic radiation; which i don't see the point of unless you intend to use the headphones in a VERY sensative place, much more sensative to magnetic fields than an average studio (let alone DJ booth) is....
gethigh    posted on 27-08-2006 14:06
try the technics headphones
fuske    posted on 27-08-2006 17:24
DeafDJ: The shielding is to prevent the magnetic fields from the sounds drivers to x-ray your brain, but yeah.. you probably won't feel any difference or notice it in 30 years but at least it's one less thing to fry your remaining brain cells with :P

gethigh: I'll have a look at those too, thanks
Jorrit    posted on 27-08-2006 20:09
Poster: gethigh
try the technics headphones
Gethigh, I saw you post opinions without argumentation in another topic, and you got warned there by greup. Now you do excactly the same, if you give an opinion use argumentation, this is just a useless onliner.
Please motivate why you think the topic starter should use the technics.
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Winston    posted on 30-08-2006 21:19
The best thing when choosing a headphones is to test them yourself. Things you can't really tell from reviews is how they really sound to you and how do they fit on your head.
Tic Toc
Lead    posted on 30-08-2006 22:02
This doesn't seems to look like a headphone of that price. I never saw it in a shop or being used by anybody Confused
When I taker a closer look to this picture I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be just another one of those OEM models.

It's what Winston says: you should go out and listen to them before you purchase them. Perhaps the sound is awfull (or awfully good), you can only know it when you've heard them.

Headphones is something personal. For example: something I like might be discusting to someone else. What kind of sound I like might not be the kind others like. Sound is something very personal.

The other aspect is build quality. And even this is personal, if you take good care of your headphone most of the model in your price range perform alike.

All major brands have their model headphones : Pioneer HDJ-1000, Sony MVR-700, Technics RP-DH1200 and Denon DN-HP1000. You should check these out if you have the possibility. This will give you a good reference when you check out cheaper models.
Let the BASS be louder
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fuske    posted on 01-09-2006 00:46
Thank you for that Lead, I'll be sure to look at some more headphones before I make my pick Happy, laughing
teddyaakre    posted on 13-10-2006 22:08
NO!!! LEAD please, these are not OEM's!! This is made by a company called Ultrasone, they make heaphones that cost 6,000$!!! These are great heaphones because they protect your hearing. They are specially designed by taking factors from their more exclusive monitors and putting them into the dj'ing arena. They have put the drivers such a way that they don't directly face your eardrum. This can save you from loosing your hearing in the long run. This also gives it a great sound, because it sounds more natural. You can actually hear where the different sounds are coming from, like you would in a room. This is really comfortable compared to having the music pumped into your eardrum (and it has amazing sound quality!!). The build quality is also tops the charts! According to "djdeals" this is their most sold headphone and the least returned headphone. And there have been NO complains to it breaking in any way (compared to the several of the Pioneers and technics etc.). I have tried these multiple times, and in my opinion my technics rpdj's are nothing compared to the DJ1 PRO's! And i have had a lot of headphones, with the rpdj's being my favourite. I have a pair coming in my mailbox (soon, hopefullyWinking my eye) AND I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS TO ANY DJ!! and if you wan't an example of their REALLY expensive one's take a look at www.edition7.com -DjHz ..
tairip    posted on 14-10-2006 10:25
This is there website, it looks really profi!
MauriceForge    posted on 14-10-2006 10:47
That's true. the ultrasone's are very good headphones and you can buy them here in holland to.

MauriceForge    posted on 14-10-2006 10:51
Sorry could have said this in my last post, but what i would still like to know is, how the Akg K181 dj performs, it is supposed to be a top notch dj headphone that has been rated 5 starts in dj mag magazine, but i can't find hear in holland, the closest where to get it, is germany

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