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Dogg    posted on 10-06-2004 18:31
Now... I'm convinced... I'll order 2 of them... Happy, laughing

Dear Technics customers. Thank you very much for this fantastic website and offcourse thank you for purchasing our Technics SL-DZ1200.
I must say I am very pleased with all your comments and critisism. Please take into account that we will watch closely your comments and study them thorougly.
As I read lots of messages there is a lot of misunderstanding. First of all Pioneer, Denon and other brands make good products too. However we designed not a CD player but a digital SL1200 turntable. Our succes with DJ equipment started 30 years ago with 3 major points. Quality, liability, and durability. You can be absolutly sure we will continue this trend undoubtly with DZ.
The software inside is designed to be updated if necessary. That can be easily done by SD memory card. I have updated my first prototypes from october 2003 and it is a very easy and user friendly way to accomplish. Please do not worry about this issue.
Just because it is a new product some 'enemy's' will try to find issues. However when you buy a new car you will also find some things that are different then the car you had before. E.g. perhaps your former car had a shorter rotation circle, other seats etc.. What I am trying to say is, have faith in this fantastic new machine and you certainly will get used by it rapidly!! Just like everything else.
Your comments will be appreciated very much.
Thank you for your time reading my message.
M.J.T. Ibes
Product Sales Manager Technics DJ Gear
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What do you think about SL-DZ1200 news... ??

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Lead    posted on 26-04-2005 09:09
I've just fiksed the links, some issue with the WYSIWYG editor. When you use Firefox and edit a post with links, sometime the link messes up....

I'm not so keen on effect in a Cd player. From a CD player you should always rely on it, that it give you a proper sound. When you can activate an effect but it's not directly noticable for the user, it might be activated the whole eveneing when someone doesn't notice it...
Let the BASS be louder
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MadSteven    posted on 26-04-2005 09:45
I agree with what seems to be the summary here:

The right pro-cdplayer depend on what user you are:

Turntablist:     Numark CD-X
Beatmatcher:  Pioneer CDJ1000mk2

(Mobile:            Denon D9000 ?)

trancegroove    posted on 26-04-2005 13:57
Yeah,  to be honest when I first got the dz I had an effect on for a few songs and started wondering why all the songs had the same certain sound....then I realized I had the effect on!

I do like the CDX, but the winner for me is the 1000mk2.
Lead    posted on 06-05-2005 10:14
 dfound a FAQ on the web where Technics/Panasonic are giving answers to what they want to answer on your questions. It might clear some things up, but it also creates more questionsmarks Confused

Posted from :

01 What is a digital turntable? Unlike so-called "CDJ", DZ1200 is a turntable based on a totally new concept. For many analog DJs who have stayed away from digital materials such as CDs, DZ1200 is a tool that enables musical performances out of a large variety of digital materials in an analog style without odd feeling. The product, which was created from the image of SL1200 but intends to eliminate the barrier between the digital and analog worlds, is the digital turntable DZ1200.
02 Why are the functions and operating rules different from those of other companies' CDJs? DZ1200 is a digital turntable based on a totally different concept from that of a CDJ. In the course of integrating digital and analog technologies, some of the functions were made similar to those of a CDJ, but simpler and more intuitive operations were made possible by eliminating the functions that require complex settings as much as possible.
03 The reproduced sound is not very good when the tempo is changed with the pitch lock-on. Because the pitch lock function is achieved by digital signal processing, slightly unnatural feeling deviating from the original sound is unavoidable. If any unnatural feeling is felt by changing the tempo by around 5%, please contact our service personnel.
04 When a disc is scratched with the pitch lock-on, the normal scratch sound typical during the pitch lock-off is not generated. During the pitch lock-on, DZ1200 locks the pitch or tune at that of the original music regardless of the platter rotation speed. Because a scratch operation is an action of forcibly changing the platter rotation speed or direction, the pitch is still maintained during the scratch operation. When general scratch sound is required, the pitch lock needs to be turned off manually during a scratch. On the other hand, new sound effects or expressions not experienced before can be obtained by using the scratch sound with a fixed pitch.
05 The time required from inserting a CD until the start of the music is too long. After a CD is inserted, DZ1200 makes various settings (cue, cue pad, effect etc) for each CD and readies for an immediate scratch before starting the music. Compared with other models without such high functionality, it may require slightly more time until the playback is ready. This condition is not different from that of the current high-functionality models of other manufacturers.
06 Can you make the method and function of CUE same as that of other CDJs? The cue operation for DZ1200 is defined as the same operation as stopping the turntable of SL1200 and dropping the needle at a predetermined point. On the other hand, use of the cue pads facilitates immediate playback from a predetermined point. When repeated playbacks from the same predetermined point are required, the four cue pads may be used for that purpose.
07 When CD playback is stopped, I need a mode for continuously hearing the sound from that frame for cueing purpose. This is the function provided with a CD player made for DJ purpose but only with a jog dial. As in the case of an analog turntable, such function is not supported in the digital turntable, because cueing can be achieved by a platter operation.
08 MP3 music when copied on a CD-R cannot be played back. The MP3 in the range specified in the user's manual can be played back. The range is limited to ensure correct performances such as playback and scratch at a tempo +16% etc. The bit rate of 32-192kbps and sampling frequency of 48/44.1/32kHz are not supported. The files recorded with the packet write method or highMAT specification are not supported.
09 I want to move across the tracks quickly when many pieces of music are in a CD-R or SD memory card. High-speed track feed is possible by pressing the track button for a certain period of time. More specifically, high-speed track feed starts after skipping 20 pieces.
10 When copying MP3 music on a CD-R, the procedure of renaming each file name by inserting a 3-digit number is cumbersome. Playback is possible without renaming the file names. Rename the file number when the playback sequence needs to be setup for the MP3 files.
11 I want to copy MP3 to a SD memory card and playback on the Windows Explorer. Audio programs on a SD are supported only for SD-AUDIO (encrypted copyrighted audio). Any MP3 simply copied on a folder of a SD card cannot be played back. Storing audio programs on a SD card requires SD-JUKEBOX, separately sold Windows application software.
12 I want to write some MP3 music on a SD card by using a Mac computer but no tools are available. There is no plan for marketing SD-AUDIO writing software. Please use a Windows PC.
13 Much thicker marker is preferred for the platter. The current marker has been adopted by considering the overall design and mark recognition. If a user wants to apply a thicker marker, personalized marking can be made with a piece of tape as in the case of a record.
14 Is there any plan to upgrade the firmware? The system enables firmware upgrades but no specific upgrade plan exists at present.
15 Motor torque is weak. The recovery time from a hand-off after a reverse rotation with a scratch is too long. The 10-inch platter size used for DZ1200 has been determined to be the best by considering ease of use as a CD player and styling. In order to realize a stable operation including the variable pitch of 50% by using the somewhat small platter and a DD motor equivalent to that for SL1200, the current torque is the best for providing the DJ performance typical for an analog turntable.
16 The sound is "hard". It really sounds like a CD with digital flavor. The product has been designed to reproduce the original sound with a flat response from the high to the lowest frequency range, with no intentional featuring in the playback system. Analog-like sound feature can be obtained by using the VINYL simulator effect.

Let the BASS be louder
bolly    posted on 24-06-2005 23:04
Hoe krijg ik simpel mp3 op de sd card voor de technics dz1200?

MadSteven    posted on 25-06-2005 01:03
Poster: Lead
Check out : Conijn Muziek on the Generaal Bothastraat -> . Just walk to the right back of the shop and you'll find your players.

If you want to know for sure that both models are in the showroom, you could give them a call.

The funny thing is that I know the shop, of course and know they only sell stuff they believe in...

Lead    posted on 25-06-2005 11:26
Perhaps it says something about the player ....
Let the BASS be louder
DJ_Aad    posted on 27-06-2005 13:40
Poster: MadSteven
Poster: Lead
Check out : Conijn Muziek on the Generaal Bothastraat -> . Just walk to the right back of the shop and you'll find your players.

If you want to know for sure that both models are in the showroom, you could give them a call.

The funny thing is that I know the shop, of course and know they only sell stuff they believe in...


That's correct! I went to them for advise for buying a complete high-end dj-setup and they advised me not to buy the technics for a dozen of reasons (google around and you find them all over!). Eventually I bought 2 CDJ-1000 MK2's and a DJM-600 and I'll never regret that!!
ImPaCtDJ    posted on 05-07-2005 05:29
I want a couple of CDJ1000MK2 so bad! but my time soon will come Winking my eye

Good decision Dog, enjoy your new toys!!

JasonBrunton    posted on 25-10-2005 17:44

does ANYONE know what the part number for the "slipmat" part of the DZ-1200 is?

Any help much appreciated!




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