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Dogg    posted on 10-06-2004 18:31
Now... I'm convinced... I'll order 2 of them... Happy, laughing

Dear Technics customers. Thank you very much for this fantastic website and offcourse thank you for purchasing our Technics SL-DZ1200.
I must say I am very pleased with all your comments and critisism. Please take into account that we will watch closely your comments and study them thorougly.
As I read lots of messages there is a lot of misunderstanding. First of all Pioneer, Denon and other brands make good products too. However we designed not a CD player but a digital SL1200 turntable. Our succes with DJ equipment started 30 years ago with 3 major points. Quality, liability, and durability. You can be absolutly sure we will continue this trend undoubtly with DZ.
The software inside is designed to be updated if necessary. That can be easily done by SD memory card. I have updated my first prototypes from october 2003 and it is a very easy and user friendly way to accomplish. Please do not worry about this issue.
Just because it is a new product some 'enemy's' will try to find issues. However when you buy a new car you will also find some things that are different then the car you had before. E.g. perhaps your former car had a shorter rotation circle, other seats etc.. What I am trying to say is, have faith in this fantastic new machine and you certainly will get used by it rapidly!! Just like everything else.
Your comments will be appreciated very much.
Thank you for your time reading my message.
M.J.T. Ibes
Product Sales Manager Technics DJ Gear
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What do you think about SL-DZ1200 news... ??

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Lead    posted on 27-06-2004 00:25
Yeah must be the fuse! It can't basicly just die out on you...

Doesn't it do anything, or is the whole player dead ??
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Dogg    posted on 27-06-2004 02:41
The whole thing is dead... I don't want to open as it's not mine... and that one is from Feb 2004... so it should be under warranty...
I guess that the DJ shop owner will yell at me
Lead    posted on 27-06-2004 12:15
If it's not your fult I guess there is probably nothing that he can blame you for. And since there is probably still waranty on the player I think this issue could be solved quit rapid by one of the official service point in Belgium. The shopowner will know the route to get this solved by the official way.

I don't think this is something that could be solved by yourselves.... unfortunatly Sad
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saidjoe    posted on 28-06-2004 08:11
I,ve tryed em both and am really happy with my new technics..the scratching is just amaizing..the design is just beatiful...i thing am gonna sale the pioneers any1 intrestedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
W.i.M    posted on 28-06-2004 18:07
Poster: saidjoe
i thing am gonna sale the pioneers any1 intrestedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

Well, if your disappointed about the Pioneers you probably don't want much for them
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
Dogg    posted on 28-06-2004 19:20
Poster: saidjoe
I,ve tryed em both and am really happy with my new technics..the scratching is just amaizing..the design is just beatiful...i thing am gonna sale the pioneers any1 intrestedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

Don't do that... thinh but think in the right way... since Technics are available... now that we're all able to see how they can perform there's not a lot being said about them...
And after having used them by myself, I'm sorry to say that going from Pioneer CDJ1000 to Technics gears is just like going one step back...

Sure... you'll be able to mix, sure you'll be scratch, you'll even be able to be on pictures next to your shiny things... but trust me... you'll go back to Pioneer... 
Lead    posted on 28-06-2004 20:25

Wize words... couldn't describe it better Winking my eye

He Dogg, how did the story end with your broken gear ?

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Dogg    posted on 29-06-2004 00:51

No news yet... I'll keep you updated...

Dogg    posted on 30-06-2004 22:20
FYI, the faulty gear is coevered by the warranty... so no problem on that side.
I'm getting my gears in 1 week or maybe less and I'm currently fighting with someone (level: Pioneer junkie) who consider that it is useless to focus on sound quality in a venue
(Sorry that's another forum on another website)...

What do you think about that? 
Dogg    posted on 03-07-2004 17:19
Official Technics SL-DZ1200 video is available...

Cool but not impressive at all, you can do that with Pioneer (one finger in the nose)

Let's just say that Panasonic marketing department are trying to promote their gear...
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W.i.M    posted on 03-07-2004 17:58
Link is broken
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
Dogg    posted on 03-07-2004 18:19
Dogg    posted on 03-07-2004 18:20
Should be ok now...
Lead    posted on 04-07-2004 10:57
Yeah, I checked it... Technics had to do something to make up for DJ Scandal's movie. As Dogg says, they don't show so much specials. And due to the flashing cameraworks it's hard to say if it could be taken in 1 take or the the movie is completly edited in a studio.

Nice movie though !
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Dogg    posted on 13-07-2004 17:22
Did finally get my 2 CDJ1000 mk2 today... so YES I do believe in God
Lead    posted on 14-07-2004 00:57

Now the fun can begin :D
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King_Vicious    posted on 20-07-2004 19:16
This weekend I had to spin in a club with one SL DZ. Man this thing rocks visualy but sucks mechnicaly. Bending is like hell and creating a loop takes more time than getting to Paris foot. The sample section isn't that interesting so there won't be a digital SL for me the next years.
Dogg    posted on 21-07-2004 02:10
Just try with a Pioneer CDJ1000 and your perception of CD Djing will change...

That said... don't buy the SL-DZ1200 are there are other things available on the market that are "more mature" products...
King_Vicious    posted on 21-07-2004 09:46

? don't need to try the CDJ1000, I've just bought myself two CDJ800

But I won't by me to SLDZ, DEFINITLY!

Tenshi    posted on 23-07-2004 23:44

this is my first time i post here. Hi evrybody, im located in Panama Central america

I am posting because I Need Help

I was ordering 2 SLDZ Technics, but after i check this review i am very frustrated about the feedbacks. but i am on time to cancel the order.

I was cheking and the SLDZ is not so good with the scratching mode.

I play Electronic music, but also i like to scratch and play Hip - hop , breaks, and Drum & Bass.

If i cancell the order for the SLDZ, my other options is the Numark CDX, because i wish like to order 2 CDJ 1000MKII but they are to expensive.

can you give me more feedbacks about the SLDZ and the Numark CDX, and what about the CDJ800 ??  

most of you use the table tops  for scratch?  how is the performance of the pitch.

See ya

Thanks for the info
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Lead    posted on 24-07-2004 10:56
Hi Tenshi,

Welcome to this forums :D Hmm, I'll try to be as neutral as possible in this one....

The SLDZ only looks nice

The CDX is a nice machine with neat features and a natural working scratch'n'feel of the jog. When you're a fan of rotating jogwheels I assume that the CDX is probably the best choice for you. Scratch sounds good, Loop works well (allthough you cannot shorten your loop to just 1 frame (like Pioneer)) but it has some nice other things, at least it has a Cue/Stutter function (SLDZ doesn't).

If you're not restricted to a rotating jogwheel, the CDJ-800 is a good option as well. The scratch sounds as good as a vinyl scratch, the jogwheel doesn't rotate but I think that you can make more precise pitchbends with a non-rotating jogwheel. The MasterTempo is very good quality, the BeatLoop Cutter and QuickReturn are great for neat tricks. (more info)

If I would stand up for your choise I would cancel the SLDZ and go for 800's
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King_Vicious    posted on 26-07-2004 15:34
I totally agree with Lead. I played with both the machines (SLDZ & CDJ800/1000). I have chosen the CDJ800 because I needed some specific features for beatmatching that the SLDZ didn't included.

I've also seen a model used @ Magik records Breda for about a month. Raf showed me the SLDZ with a "speling" (don't know the translation) on the platter. It has the same effect like a vinyl with a too large hole for the spindle. In this case you will have trouble scratching.

Looping is hell! I tried to make a GOOD SOUNDING loop, this took ages.

Like Lead I advise you to buy 2 CDJ800/1000.
Tenshi    posted on 26-07-2004 19:16

thanks for the info, i cancel the SLDZ after a long decicion.

really the SLDZ looks nice, i hope the second verision they can fix all this problems and release new features.

I will let you know and place a pic.

greetings from Panama


Lead    posted on 26-07-2004 20:34
Great, as soons as you have pics I would really like to see Thumbs Up

Let the BASS be louder
Dogg    posted on 26-07-2004 23:08
Hey guys... it seems that you're starting to get famous... (Forum_posts from Panama )
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