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teddyaakre    posted on 26-07-2006 02:12
Does anyone know an efx unit that is good, i wanna try something new... so don't mention korg kaoss or efx-1000 :D ....
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What do you think about Efx units ??

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tairip    posted on 26-07-2006 02:35
Alesis Air FX

Xone VF1

Redsound XS-FX

BillyArd    posted on 26-07-2006 10:27
For true high end FX(Analog effects/complete analog circuit

Roger linn-http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/products/adrenalinn2.shtml

Dave smith-http://www.davesmithinstruments.com/evolver/photos.html
(Check the desktop evolver=synth FX /Filter.

Akai MFC 42 Analog filter and ofcourse Shermans Filterbank.

this a small selection, there are loads of true high end analog effects that leave pioneer and korgs far far behind .
i believe you own a Xone ?? , maybe you should look @ TC electronics M300 also
It,s a multi effect !

And to beef your sound up,............ever thought of a Tube Channel/
It gives tube warmth and harmonics to your signal ,it can sound pleasantly warm but also heavy/raw.
when you route your Xone,s output through http://www.artproaudio.com/
Check TPS II tube preamp with instr.inputs(it,s in the collum of microphone pre-amps, but dont let it fool you , it,s not only and exclusive for mics)

http://www.joemeek.com/twinq.html is also a very very nice dynamics processor that beefs your sound up !

And then ofcourse you can chain the most wicked guitar pedals to achieve a weird sound.
for instance :phaser to EQ to Ring Mod to Wah

Try not to search in dj oriented Fx only , cause they wil always run after pro FX .

Just a tip !
Happy, laughing
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