Mixers. Which of the 4
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dalux    posted on 11-07-2006 22:09
Finally I chose my CD-players (pioneers CDJ-800, because you can always sell them for a good price), but now I need a mixer too?!

So I am doubting between:
Denon DN-X1500, Urei 1603, Allen & Heath XONE:32 of de Ecler NUO3.
I started with Vestax but I don't know if I want them

I am just beatmixing (starter). I think the effects on the DENON are interesting, but I can also buy them sepretaley once later. I think then I have to look for Send & Return (only on URei & Ecler. . . ). What do you guys think?
And am I forgetting something?

What do you think about Mixers. Which of the 4 ??

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Lead    posted on 11-07-2006 23:06
Not an all equal comparisson.

Nuo 3 and Xone:32 are 3 channel mixers, the Urei and the Denon are 4 channel mixers. Of these mixers, the only one with effects is the Denon.

For starters I would go for a mixer without the effects, it draws away your attention from the essence of the case: beat matching. First get control over the faders and equalizer section, effects can be added later, as you say yourselves.

From the remaining mixers, the Urei has 4 channels and the others 3. If you don't need this extra channel there are 2 left. If you need the extra channel, the Urei might be a nice choise.

If I should make a choice between the Ecler and the A&H, I would go for the Xone:32. I have no real mixing experience with the Nuo, but when price is not the main issue I would go for the :32.
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Kevinr    posted on 11-07-2006 23:46
For a beginner i would go for the nuo3. For 500 euro you get a nice reliable mixer.
I have also an Ecler mixer, you can't break them down.

When you compare the color, the A&H or Denon x1500s matches better with 2 pioneer cdj 800's.

When you buy one of them you won't regret it.
Winston    posted on 12-07-2006 01:49
Source: manual Allen & Heath Xone 32

13 AUX SEND control Adjusts the level of the channel signal to the stereo Aux output. It is taken ‘post-fade’
which means that the channel fader affects the level sent to the aux control. Turn fully anticlockwise to turn the
signal off, fully clockwise for a maximum +6dB boost. The normal ‘0’ position is marked.

Initially I would say the XONE 32. As you can see in the quote of the manual you can use external effects. There are sends for each channel, and you return the signal to channel 2.

Also you got that early version of the super Allen & Heath Xone filter.

But the input gains are located at the back. So it is not possible to correct volume level differences of tracks.

Soon teh DENON DN-X1500 will be pretty hard to get, beause it will be replaced by its successor the DENON DN-X1500S. This has features I would not use very soon. USB port, matrix input, digital inputs. This makes it pretty expensive.

The NUO is a basic mixer. That's why it is the cheapest.

I would choose out of those 4 probably the UREI 1603. It has everything a basic club mixer must have. For example: EQ for your headphones. Aux sends for each channel. Send/return. Good specs for sound quality.

I think, if I may say so, that you have a very strange short list. The mixers vary a lot in features. But I hope you got something out of my opinion. And congratulations with your CDJ-800's, MK2 I guess.
Tic Toc
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Lead    posted on 12-07-2006 02:18
Poster: Winston
...Soon the DENON DN-X1500 will be pretty hard to get, beause it will be replaced by its successor the DENON DN-X1500S. This has features I would not use very soon. USB port, matrix input, digital inputs. This makes it pretty expensive.....

I don't think that the 1500S will replace the 1500, it's just an added color to their range to match teh DN-S3500
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Winston    posted on 12-07-2006 15:10
Hmmm. I was under the impression this would be the case, because on some USA web shop sites it's not for sale anymore.

Tic Toc
dalux    posted on 13-07-2006 09:31
Well people. Thanx for all your advice. After readnig this the list became shorter. Urei 1603 and the XONE:32 survived. BEcause of a good price for the 32 and the few filters it has I think it will become it. BEsides that the stuff is pretty good quality so it wil keep it's price when I decide to buy my first Pioneer DJM-600 or XONE:62. Bye!
yousif    posted on 13-07-2006 17:01
i have denon its very bad
jussied    posted on 13-07-2006 19:35
@yousif:just give reason why the denon is bad.
Camino    posted on 13-07-2006 21:48
sorry dont have much time to reply... but the filter on the A&H would definitely make me go for that one... effects arent really necessary and when you have A&H, you know you have good quality that will also last and sell for a good price if u want to upgrade
dalux    posted on 17-07-2006 11:50
Thanx folks, for the opinions and tips. I bought the XONE:32 and I am glad with it. I am jst starting so now I have to make hours behind the wheels of steel.
My next step is the NUO5 I think. A bit above budget but man that one was Wicked
Winston    posted on 17-07-2006 14:42
Congrats. Maybe a review in the near future?
Tic Toc
teddyaakre    posted on 20-07-2006 23:21
I have tested the denon 1500, and i was not impressed.. the sound is O.K and the filters are fun for a while.. but i wanted to pull out the rubber buttons and step on them.. they where unpredictable when it came to the matter of did it register me pressing or didn't it.. the crossfader is good (penny and giles).. but the mixer really felt crappy.. over all, i would not recommend it

(just helping yousif)

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