Rekordbox showing matching-key indicators
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Showing the indicators that indicate a matching key.

'How can I see those green blocks that indicates a certain track is in key with a selected track ? These blocks can show up in the column 'Key' in your Pioneer Rekordbox collection.'

What do those green squares mean in the key column ?


Rekordbox showing in-key indicators

When the key of a track in your collection has a green box around it, it indicates that this track has a matching key with the track currently loaded.

When you are mixing in-key you need to select tracks that have keys that work well with eachother. There are whole books in regards to thus subject, if you want to know more about what in-key mixing is, just use a search on the interweb about it as this is a big subject and out of the scope of this forum topic.

If you play in-key or do the harmonic mixing (these words have the same meaning), you will notice that your tracks have a much better flow into eachother and the mix sound much more natural.

How to activate this indicator ?

This function works across Rekordbox everywhere, so it works in Export mode when you load a track in the player at the top of the screen. But it also works when you are using Rekordbox DJ (the dj mix application).

  1. First you need to load a track in the player of Rekordbox, this can be the player on the top of the screen when you are in export mode, but it also works with any track loaded in any of the 4 virtual decks when you are working with Rekordbox DJ.
  2. Activate the button by clicking it so it shows up in Blue. There is a pull-down just to the right of this button where you can select the deck this function is referring to. So you can show the matching tracks for any track loaded in any player in Rekordbox or Rekordbox DJ. You will only see decks 1 through 4 when you are in Performance Mode (= Rekordbox DJ)
  3. The tracks that have a matching key will show up with a green background for the key so you can easily select and load them.


There are a few things neccessary for this function to work properly :

  • The 'Key' column need to be shown in your collection overview, if you do not see this column, perhaps you need to scroll to the right, or you need to activate this column for viewing. (right click on the column header in the Collection overview and select 'Key'. Rekordbox will the show you the key column just to the right of the column you just right clicked.
  • On you players you need Master Tempo activated in order for harmonic mixing to work properly.
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