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Lead    posted on 12-06-2018 22:31

There doesn't seem to appear to be a place where all of the functions of this forum are explaned. Let this be the place the shows all the hidden gems of our Forums. I bet the there is at least one that you didn't knew or forgot about

Auto Smiles
This works in all areas with the text editor. Like placing shortkeys for smiles [without space]   : ) ; ) : D
Outputs :

Hiddens Smiles : Cool - - - - Embarassed - Cry

Email Anti Spam
You should NEVER put your email address in plain text on the internet. But sometimes you need to share it. DJResource has a converter to make a scrambled image that's readable to humans of it instead.

Input : [ mail ] this.is@mypersonalemail.com [ /mail ]
Output :

Forbidden Links
There is a whole list of domain names we automatically block linking to as they are well known as sharing platforms for not-so-legal stuff. DJResource does not allow linking to them as stated in our Terms of Use.

Outputs : http://www.djresource.eu/Forum/topic/denied/

Masked Links [Masked Links explained]
Sometime you want to post a link but don't want search engines to be able to spider/analyze it or that it is shown in public. Or you want to share the link, but don't really want to promote the site by spreading the link (SEO)....
This is when you could use a Masked Link.

Input : [ mask ] www.link.com/some/page [ /mask ] (without the spaces)
Output : - Masked Url -

Quote Block
Use this to remember people on the statement you are reacting to.

Input : [ quote ] sometext to react to [ /quote ]
Output :

sometext to react to

Soundcloud Player

Input : [ soundcloud ] [ /soundcloud ]
Output : [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/djresource/lead-and-wim-x-unit-320[/soundcloud]

Youtube Player
You can always paste a link to a Youtube video, but you can also play that video inline on DJResource. The player will fit the width that is available and uses the Youtube player so with all functionalities.

Input : [ youtube ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDTl7Bf_Im8 [ /youtube ]
Output :

Let the BASS be louder
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W.i.M    posted on 16-06-2018 22:09

Youtube links moet er nog bij

Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?

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