Now my mixer Question.. what to buy..
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Jamie1982    posted on 20-06-2006 00:48
I've narrowed my choice down to the Xone92, DJM800 or Vestax PMC08. All these mixers have unique and very different features that would all be beneficial (if only they were all rolled into one mixer).

I know the 92 and 800 have great sound quality and have read the Scratchworx review of the PMC08 whom say the PMC08 has amazing Sound Quality, but cannot find any other opinions to back it up (who can compare to the 92 & 800). As for features (excluding effects as I will be getting an EFX1000 for deff, and number of channels aren't an issue for me, I only need two), what I like about the 92 and 800 is there are no L&R bal pots on channels, do not need these, they are just a hinderence, but the 92 wins on this as the 800 still has master L&R bal, the PMC08 has L&R bals on all!.

The PMC08 has eq off which I think will be very useful for slamming tracks in without adjusting eq's, also don't have to worry abouts the pots sitting correctly on twelve. The PMC08 has unrivalled Crossfader cut control, 2 effect send and returns, one pre/ post with eq return, and one dry to wet, Matrix assingable were you can put one input through both channels (imagine the possibilities, eq'ing on one channel with effects while leaving the playing record as standard) and also being a battle mixer has transform switches.

Love the 92's filters, what goes for the 800 is the signal to noise ratio. The only thing thats stoping me from going with the 08 is the L&R bals. hard to weigh up the pro's con's of each. Has anybody used / heard the PMC08, I know u've heard the 800 & 92's, if anybodys heard / used all three I know it's a long shot... any comments would be great..
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Lead    posted on 20-06-2006 09:46
I have no experience with the PMC08, but I've checked the 92 againste the DJM-800... Analogue soud quality is nearly the same.... But hooked up digitally the DJM-800 is sounding much more crisp and detailed.

I like the space you have on the DJM-800... and the combination you can make with the filters and effects.... and the Roll to record filtered sounds....

Tough choice, mine would be DJM-800 Winking my eye
Let the BASS be louder
BillyArd    posted on 20-06-2006 12:58
Ate you  a tablist then buy Vestax PMC o8

I,ve worked with mixstick, PMC05/PMC07 , but didn,t work with the 08.
But the 08 is the follower of The 07.
The 05 and 07 are tablist beasts and most suitabl;e for the tablist job.
Their sound quality is pristine and most of all,.......THey,ll last for ages .
You have to act real strange to break it down.
Until yet , vestax mixers are the stongest of their kind
I have PMc05 and PCV275 and i still love the machines for their durabillity , .....even the pCV is very very durable.
Neber had problems with the machines , never had to replace any parts

Vestax it.ll be for the turntablist as long as it,s good enough for Q-bert.
He chooses vestax every time !
He has a lot of PMC 05 and 07 PMC ISP (maybe you should look at that one to )

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